Users Update: Improved Uses for GOLFSTR+

We have now created a new video to show you an improved way to use GOLFSTR+.    Golf Professionals and our customers have been suggesting these changes for a softer feel on the back of the wrist.   We have already introduced GOLFSTR+ with the new Black Rubber EXTENDER for increased pressure when using GOLFSTR to remind you to keep your LEADING ARM STRAIGHT in the back-swing.

We now realize that for all 4 of the other uses for GOLFSTR+  you should be flipping the plastic plate over so that the curved tip is pointing UP.  Mounting the curved edges and the curved tip UP will give you a more comfortable fit on your wrist.

We are no longer recommending that you mount the curved end over your knuckles for PUTTING and CHIPPING.  Assembling the curved tip in the UP direction helps to fit all sizes of wrist and hands.

The same applies for FLAT WRIST in the BACK SWING.  By mounting with the edges and curved tip pointing up it is much easier to hold the wrist flat while hinging the wrist to lag your club in the down swing.  With this setup GOLFSTR+ just slides over the back of your flat wrist on your gloved hand during the back-swing and down-swing.

Training for WRIST LAG requires that the curved tip of GOLFSTR+ is pointing up the back of the thumb on your gloved hand.  Ensure that you use the Black Rubber EXTENDER bulging toward the thumb for a soft impact on the back of the thumb.

If you own a GOLFSTR+, why not try these new mounting methods today.  If you don’t own one, don’t be left behind.  Buy one today and CLICK HERE to Improve Every Swing in Your Game.



  • Alex Kalaf says:

    Very bad cupped left wrist position in your promo photo of Golfstr+ in all your emails

    • Bill says:

      I agree and I’m working to try to improve it. Remember I’m the guy who invented GOLFSTR to try to fix my problems. Guess I better retake the photos using a pro who can do it correctly.

  • Leon Gibbs Sr says:

    Bill, thanks for the new video. It is very helpful in getting to know exactly how to use the GOLFSTR+ as there are so many variations on the theme. I will put them to practice this week. Thus far, I have found the product most useful for putting. The other uses I think will take a little time to get used to. Leon Gibbs Fairfax Va

    • Bill says:

      The golf swing takes constant effort to improve. Glad I could provide a Training Aid with so many training solutions. Should give you years of enjoyment. Thanks for your feedback. Enjoy.

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