Use a Unique Swing Thought for Each Club

Each of the 4 types of golf clubs that you use, require a unique swing thought to get the most out of your game. The 4 types of clubs are driver, woods & hybrids, irons and putter. Your focus word for each of these clubs in sequential order is LAUNCH, POWER, CONTROL and DISTANCE. Each of these words apply to all of your clubs but your focus should be on the most appropriate word for the club that you are using.

For all of your clubs you need the same MENTAL PREPARATION.
1/ Your next shot is the most important shot in your game. (Thanks to Ben Hogan.)
2/ Your mind needs to be calm and relaxed to put your body almost into a numb state or “the zone”.
3/ Your setup must be completed with confidence that you are aiming at your target.

Ben Hogan said that “the space between your ears is the most important 6 inches in golf”. I constantly see golf blogs that preach the swing philosophy that your mind should be blank. That’s hogwash. You need a swing thought that will make your club perform at its optimum performance.

Arnold Palmer had a unique lunging swing. He also had a consistent thought for each type of club that he used. You should too!

Arnold Palmer had a unique lunging swing. He also had a consistent thought for each type of club that he used. You should too!

Swing Thought for your Driver is: “LAUNCH”
When you tee up for a drive and place the ball forward in your stance (opposite your leading heel), the ball height and forward position are ideal to allow you to LAUNCH your ball as the club is rising. Ideally you want about 2,000 Revolutions Per Minute of top spin (not 4,000 RPMs as your ball will dive to the ground. Your driver only has a 9 to 12 degree face angle and you want to create a 15 degree launch angle as you impact on the rise.


Swing Thought for your Fairway Woods and Hybrids is: “POWER”
These clubs are not designed to dig into the turf. They are designed to use their face loft for elevation to add POWER and distance for your fairway hits. They give you the least amount of space for error in your swing. Keeping a straight leading arm during setup, throughout the back swing and your down swing are critical to avoid fat or thin shots. You can’t afford to have your head bobbing up and down. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to ensure that your distance from your shoulder to the ball is consistent.

Swing Thought for your Irons is: “CONTROL”
During the transition at the top of your swing your leading hip needs to be moving forward to ensure that the arc of your swing is moving forward so that it will bottom out in the tuff AFTER your iron impacts with the ball. Irons are meant to be swung to CONTROL the distance of the hit. You are not trying to kill the ball as you should be swinging at a comfortable pace to hit the distance that you expect from the chosen club. If you feel you need to hit an iron further then up club but never swing it faster.

Swing Thought for your Putter is: “DISTANCE”
During the setup for your putt you have already determined the break in the putt and you have chosen a direction for your putt. The only control that you have during your putting swing is DISTANCE. Use your practice swing to get the feel for the amount of swing you need to hit your ball the distance required to pass the hole by 10 to 18 inches. Take a last look for distance make sure that your ball is centered between your feet to ensure that your putter swing hits the center of the putter face on the upswing of the putter just like Rory McIlroy at the PGA Tour Tournament to take home $11.5 million.

Focus on your key words and practice with GOLFSTR+ for every swing in your game. Buy one today at


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