Unique Swing Thought for Chipping AND Pitching

After last week’s blog covered a unique swing thought for each club, I was reminded by one of our subscribers that I should have covered the swing thought for “wedge play and chipping”.  I’d like to thank Richard Gula for his suggestion.  He said: “I use GOLFSTR for chipping position and practice with different clubs as well and it is terrific!”  [ BTW chipping was not included last week because we try to avoid making our blogs too long. ]

Mr Shot Game on the GolfersRX Swing Tips Blog gave us the most important building block for chipping and pitching:  “NEVER SWING DOWN!!!”  That negative thought is not going to help you develop the CORRECT swing but it sure does reinforce the problem that causes FAT, CHUNKED CHIPS AND PITCHES.

David Leadbetter chipping a longer chip with feet together and a more open stance. (Golf Digest)

To Chip or Pitch

A Chip is really just a full putting swing.  Its used to clear the fringe and run your ball up to the hole.  A pitch is simply a full swing and follow-through with any higher lofted club to clear a hazard or rough area to land on the green (possibly with backspin to help it checkup on the green).

Choose the Right Club

Every club in your bag can be used to make a chip or pitch shot.  It’s up to you to choose 2 or 3 of your PREFERENCE CLUBS that you know will reach your target with a chipping swing and a pitching swing.  I often see golfers chip with a pitching wedge or 60 degree wedge to clear the fringe and stop 30 feet short of the hole.  They are just choosing the wrong club for the job.  Dumb golfers deserve stupid shots.   If you don’t have 30 minutes to figure out what your clubs will do with a short or full swing then don’t waste your time golfing.


-Know that your club will swing through the lowest point of your swing arc directly below your straight left arm and shoulder [for right handed golfers].

-Practice with GOLFSTR+ on your trailing wrist to limit the hinge of your trailing wrist.

-Your chip is really a putting stroke where your club skims the grass directly up your target line.

– Practice YOUR CHIPPING swing with a 20 degree, 30 degree and 40 degree backswing and follow-through to understand the distance that each swing will produce with each of your PREFERENCE CLUBS.

-Let the weight of your club create the power for your swing.  Don’t rush it!

-Your SWING THOUGHT for CHIPPING is to use the same cadence for your back swing as your forward swing to impact.  Say the words “ONE, TWO” without acceleration  [using a longer backswing for longer runout]

-Your SWING THOUGHT for PITCHING is to accelerate through the ball with a full swing and limited wrist hinge to  a balanced finish facing your target.

Practice with GOLFSTR+ to limit your wrist hinge for chipping and pitching.  Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com.

GOLF LAW  #23: A ball you can see in the rough from 50 yards away is NOT yours.


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