Treat Your Woods & Hybrids like Irons

When I read GOLF LAW #7, I realized that something was terribly wrong: “All 3-woods are demon-possessed.  Your Mother-in-Law does not come close.”  Fortunately only half of this law applied to me as I had a wonderful Mother-in-Law. The 3-wood was my problem.

I realize that this Golf Law was written in jest, but I also now realize why I don’t carry a 3-wood in my bag.  The same situation must be happening to a pretty high percentage of golfers who are mishitting a lot of shots with their 3-wood.  As it turns out, we may be missing a high percentage of our fairway woods and hybrids because we are trying to just “nip the ball off the ground” with very little room for error.  I saw this tip on a Revolution Golf Blog in Me & My Golf Series called TOTAL GAME.

Because the loft on our woods and hybrids are limited, we tend to hang back in our swing to create more lift the way we do with our driver.  That just makes you top the ball or hit it thin.  For more consistent hits with these clubs you should swing them down through impact, similar to the way you use your irons.  Hit the ball first and then take a thin divot.

Impact your ball with you weight forward when using woods and hybrids. The same way you impact with your irons.

Recommended Setup and Swing

-Setup with a narrower stance than you do with your driver.
-Line up your ball back from your leading heel to bottom-out after your ball.
Don’t tilt your body (the way you setup to hit with your driver) to hit up on the ball.
Keep 55% of your pressure on your leading foot to get your weight shift forward.
Swing down through impact with your ball before you take a light divot.
Let your leading ear pass the line-up with your ball as you impact the ball and finish your swing balanced on your leading foot.

Practice with your woods and hybrids using your GOLFSTR+ to keep you leading arm straight and down through impact before you take any divot.  Buy one today at

Golf should be given up at least twice per month.


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