Why is Your Trailing Arm THE MOST Critical Controller of Your Swing?

Think of your arms as having 2 different functions during your golf swing.  Your straight leading arm provides the power and your trailing arm provides the direction control.  If you don’t understand what is happening during your swing, you will never take control of your game.

Your leading arm should be straight throughout the backswing and downswing.  As long as you are only rotating your hips and shoulders (around your spine axis) with a minor hip press up your target line, you will consistently connect with the ball.


Your mind only has time to think about 2 thoughts:

  1. The direction of your straight arm takeaway as your trailing arm pulls to create lag (90 degree bent leading wrist) at the top of your swing.
  2. Your down swing initiates as the instep of your trailing foot presses your hip forward and your arms release from the inside to up your target line.


Here are a number of  great slow motion examples of the golf swing. 

Each pro does it a little differently but the basics are always the same.


If you let your trailing arm create the PROPER plane for your swing, you can avoid those nasty hooks and slices:

1/ Your trailing hand grip on the club should be lighter than your leading hand or it will dominate the rotational release of your club at impact.  Your leading wrist needs to be relaxed to whip through the release for more power and distance.

2/ Your trailing hand grips the handle below your leading hand so that you automatically tilt your shoulders. You want this natural shoulder tilt to launch and power your drives up.

3/ Your takeaway should be initiated with your shoulders (no wrist action) straight back on a high plane.

4/ Lag is caused by the bend of your trailing elbow as you pull your leading wrist up to the top of your backswing.

5/ As your powerful leading arm starts your downswing, your trailing arm and shoulder should pull your club in a slight loop to swing from the inside to outside across your ball.  Think of your trailing elbow almost grazing your ribs as you swing from the slot: inside to outside.

These are exaggerated comments to help you visualize how your trailing arm controls the swing plan and direction of your hit.  Your hips lead the downswing but your swing will happen naturally if you let your trailing arm control your inside to outside path.

Master this motion to avoid slicing your ball and get a lot more power up your target line.  Practice with GOLFSTR+ for every swing in your game.  Buy one today at www.golfstr.com


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