Track your Game and Cut Your Scores

If you could discover the primary flaws in your game, would you be able to attack those flaws and lower your scores?  Of course, you can!  Just recognizing your areas of weakness will give you a renewed purpose to focus on those areas by looking for solutions, taking lessons and applying your findings to overcome your weaknesses.

The game of golf can be broken down into 4 components.  Each one has its own unique requirements and solutions for improvement.  If you look at Performance Stats for any professional golf tournament for the leading golfer as compared to the stats for the worst golfer, you will see glaring differences in the following 4 components of their games. Improve your stats and cut your scores.

1/ Driving Distance (DD): Longer drives will give you shorter approach shots.  

2/ Fairways and par 3 greens Hit in Regulation (FIR): Simplify approach shots and putts.

3/ Greens Hit in Regulation (GIR):  This is the best way to reduce your putts.

4/ Putts Per Green (PPG):  Two putts on every hole is an excellent target so 36 putts is a reasonable score.  Pros typically make fewer than 30 putts per round.

Use the corners of each box/hole on your score to record your successes.  Give yourself a mark for FIR, GIR and to record your putts.  Total each stat for every round as well as your total pars and birdies.  Track your success and focus on improving the weakness in your game.

Track Your Game and Don’t Waste Stokes

a/ Don’t Try Hero Shots.  Hit to a safe location for an easy shot to the green.

b/ Don’t add up your score after 9 holes or as you approach the end of your round.  Just play each hole without adding pressure to hit perfect shots.

c/ Take a Penalty Stroke when you are in a bad lie.   Drop your ball away from a dangerous shot.

If you can’t take the shot just get out of trouble and take a penalty stroke.

d/ Beware of Post Bird Screw Up:  Calm down and get over that birdie on the last hole.  Don’t end up with a Duck Hook or a Slice OB for your next tee shot.

Every golf shot will create a new set of opportunities or disappointments.  Accept your situation and get on with your next shot.  The most important shot in golf is your next shot.  Nothing else should be on your mind.  You will enjoy your game if you lower your scores.  So practice with GOLFSTR+ to fix 6 swing faults.  Buy one today at


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