The Missing STEP in Your Swing

We all look for a trigger to make our swing feel like a knife cutting through butter. You know that feeling when everything clicks and your ball just takes off with unexpected power and your friends ask you if you have been working out. Sure you work out but it’s timing that creates excellence in your swing. Get the panic out of your swing by feeling the STEP that makes your swing effortless.

I got this idea when watching a few videos about the rocking motion from your trailing foot to your lead foot. Be happy with a 90 mile per hours swing and just let your arms go for the ride. As you feel your swing reach the top, take that moment to feel the momentum of your club shifting more body weight to your leading foot. YES, that’s the STEP that I’m talking about.

Tiger never misses this STEP as he steps into his iron shots.

Start your STEP forward at the top of you swing during the change of direction for your club. If you rush your swing, you will miss the weight shift STEP. Baseball batters STEP forward as they lung into their forward swing. You may even notice golfers who turn their foot forward (or STEP forward) as they transfer their weight to the leading foot at the top of their swing.

It’s a strange feeling if you have never PAUSED for your weight shift at the top of your swing. You will feel like you are delaying your swing but that momentum shift to your leading foot actually allows you to start opening the leading side of your hip and pressing with your trailing foot as your arms drop.  Then release your wrist through the bottom of the swing.

If you don’t rush at the top of your swing, you can feel your weight shift forward as your LAZY arms let your club lags from the top of your swing and then whip through the release with more power through impact. MAKE SURE YOU FINISH YOUR SWING or you will leave the face of your club open for a push or a slice.

Get the rush out of your swing as you start your acceleration from the top of your swing. You can even practice this motion like a dance step by shifting weight to your trailing foot during the upswing and over to your leading foot starting in the downswing.

NOTE: I feel this weight transfer more with my irons than my driver as I launch my driver swing by thrusting with my trailing foot and driving up on my teed-up ball (as I keep my leading ear behind my ball).

Learn this feeling at the range while you practice with both your irons and your driver. They really are 2 different swings (Scoop vs Launch as described in our August 6 blog). Learn to swing with your straight leading arm using GOLFSTR+ for practice. Buy one today at


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