The Debate to Improve Your Game

We often hear the debate about distance and control to lower the scores for pros but is that relevant for your game? We all know that longer drives will get you closer to the green and shorter approach shots are easier to make than longer approach shots. But the real solution to take your scores below 100 or 90 or 80 for Weekend Warriors and Aging Hackers really lies in your ability to make consistent shots.

Bryson DeChambeau is the perfect example of a player who may be a little misguided. His efforts to build strength and distance are not helping his consistency in hitting greens and sinking putts. Mind you his driving distance as a pro is far more important than yours where YOU can choose a tee to suit YOUR game. You should be playing from a tee that allows you to hit the green in regulation on par 4’s and 5’s.

Where Distance is Critical
If you play with friends who chide you into playing longer tees because they are younger or stronger and love to hit longer drives, you have 3 choices: (1) Learn to hit longer drives, (2) improve the accuracy of your drives and approach shots OR (3) IGNORE THEM and play from the tee that suits your game.

The longer you try to drive your balls the more miss-hits you can expect to make and the more your drives will fly deep into the rough. Long ball driving contests are the perfect example. The harder they swing the greater the chance they have to miss their target grid (AND THEY OFTEN MISS ON MOST OF THEIR 8 TRIES).

Check out the pipes on Kyle vs Bryson. It takes a lot of work to build the right body if you want to be a long ball hitter (ref. Golf Magazine Blog).

Kyle Berkshire won the recent longest driver contest. It’s not a great idea to try to duplicate what he is doing. First he is athletic but not overly muscular like Bryson DeChambeau. His plan for speed and power takes years to develop. He trains his body for speed by hitting at least 50 balls as fast as he can about 3 days every week and he works on adding arm and body strength without adding a lot of body mass.

I’m recommending that don’t try to set a world record every time you swing your driver. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to focus on improving every swing in your game for consistency. Move up to the tees that fit your game and enjoy honing the perfect swing to hit more fairways and greens in regulation. Buy one today at

Golf Truism #78: The less skilled the player, the more likely he is to share his ideas about the golf swing.


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