Tennis and Golf are HEAD GAMES

In the game of golf  YOU are in the driver’s seat. You and only you control every shot. YOU are playing the game against yourself. I realized how important this was last night as I heard Eugenie Bouchard (a Canadian woman who is #6 in the world) talk about losing her focus as she became over confident. She won 9 of the first 10 games [in a key match in the Australian Tennis Open] and then lost 7 of the next 9 games. This collapse is the same mental failure that we can experience in golf.

Unfortunately in tennis when the momentum shifts, your opponent gets a renewed positive mental boost which works against you. In golf your buddies or opponents may be making cute remarks about your play but this game is only about your mind over your personal demons.

Jeanne Bouchard is a hot 21 year old tennis star on a mission.  She just told herself to win and did it.

Jeanne Bouchard is a hot 21 year old tennis star on a mission. She just told herself to win and did it.

BACK TO THE TENNIS MATCH: After serving double-fault on set point to lose the second set, Bouchard took a short break (as reported by  John Pye The Associated Press): “I gave myself a good, long hard look in the mirror,” Bouchard explained of her brief absence from Rod Laver Arena. “I said, ‘Genie, this is unacceptable.’ I really kind of kicked myself in the butt a little bit.”  [That how she said it on national TV but she meant to say: “Let’s go kick some ass!”]

She returned to the court and won the final set 6 – 2.


How much do you think Tiger wants to win?

How much do you think Tiger wants to win?

BACK TO YOUR GOLF GAME: For every swing in this game, you need to isolate your mind from the noise around you, from the comments of others and especially any negative thoughts. Unfortunately our minds are filled with the thoughts of previous amazing shots and dismal failures.

Golf is a game where you need to build confidence. Even Tiger Woods hits errant shots off the first tee in tournaments. We play this game to learn control over our minds and bodies. It is so mentally rewarding when it all comes together. Your mind has to be the starting point for consistency in golf.

If you find that your game is going off track, give your head a shake and get back in the game.  You CAN get back on track! I am not talking about doing 1000 practice pitch shots the way Tiger does to groove a new swing. A swing with a straight leading arm and a consistent distance to the ball is the perfect starting point. I’m talking about using that grey cement between your ears.

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