Where is YOUR Sweet Spot?

J. Storer, in Georgia has been a fan of GOLFSTR+  for almost 2 years.  We really appreciate his input for contribution to “Your Swing Support Center”.   He shared the following tip from Andrew Rice Golf, to explain why hitting the sweet spot on your driver gives you 20% more distance.  Andrew studied driver impact with his TrackMan to prove his findings.


So now you know why your surprisingly long drives just seem to happen out of the blue.  When you impact on the sweet spot, BINGO, your ball just takes off.


Your ideal Sweet Spot on your driver is just above and outside of the center of the clubface.

Your ideal Sweet Spot on your driver is just above and outside of the center of the clubface.

You can read Andrew’s research and practice techniques to improve your skill in finding the sweet spot on his website.  The short version is to spray your driver clubface with Dr. Scholl’s Odor X foot spray or (use a dry erase marker) and compare your distance with the point of impact for each of your test hits.

He analyzed Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Gear Effect and Clubhead Speed.  Slightly outboard and above the center point is your ideal impact point.  Newer drivers are more forgiving but you will still benefit from connecting on this sweet spot.


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