Straight Arm is ONLY a Key Component of your New Golf Swing

I am not a golf pro but much like Bubba Watson, I have developed my own swing.  What was I thinking?  Sure I have had lessons but I always fell back into my old habits of bending my leading elbow in the back swing and then coming over the top resulting in disaster.

My lesson at the end of 2010 (shown on the GOLFSTR website) clearly showed that I would never improve my game unless I put some real effort into making changes in my complete swing.  Yes, I developed GOLFSTR to force me to pay attention to the straight arm in the back swing and this was a key starting point but I quickly recognize that the swing is a chain of events.  There are so many things that can go wrong.   I dropped my handicap when I realized that my swing is a work-in-process.


GOLFSTR is just the starting point for your new and improved golf swing.   This BLOG ( which we will soon be changing to: Your Swing Support Center) will provide supporting ideas to help you change your swing.  Improving your swing requires much more than keeping your leading arm straight.  Have you seen the tips in my blog about bent lagging elbow and wrist hinge (see Sergio Garcia) for more consistent hits and power?  This blog will share the successes provided by others who are changing their swing to incorporate the STRAIGHT LEADING ARM.

It took me time to figure this out.  Shooting wonderful golf on many holes is only a starting point.  You need consistent golf for 18 holes for great scores.  GOLFSTR just helps you focus on one KEY component but you need to be committed to making changes in your overall swing to “Swing Like a Pro”.

Aging bodies will never swing with the flexibility of a young pro but it is in your best interest to swing LIKE  a pro.   We will cover topics about the  stance,  swing plane,  swing cadence, swing thoughts, swing lag and follow through.

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  • Bob Mirwald says:

    I purchase the Golfstr two months ago. With the onset of winter on the prairies, I hope to incorporate it into my indoor training program.

    • Bill Curry says:

      Hi Bob,
      Great idea. Changing a swing where you have been bending your leading arm for years takes some real muscle memory. Limiting the back swing, hinging the wrists and not rushing the transition are all difficult to master. Smooth rhythm without a rushed swing is so important.

      I have one of the Leadbetter clubs which I swing daily to feel the rhythm, the power plane and the inside to outside motion of the swing. I feel like I am skipping stones as a I whip my club head through the ball.

      I totally agree that we need so much more than walking to the first tee and trying to let it all hang out. Enjoy your winter practice.