Straight Arm for Distance, Consistency and Accuracy!

I designed, tested and manufactured GOLFSTR+ to help improve my golf swing with a straight leading arm. I realized that professional golfers all swing with a straight leading arm in their back and down swing so it must be the most critical factor to improve my game (and yours too). As you will learn in this blog, pro golfers who tried out GOLFSTR+ for their instruction, recommended a total of 6 swing fixes for this amazing golf training aid that can be put away in your pocket.

I recently saw a GOLF-INFO-GUIDE video where 2 PGA Pros, Pete Styles and Matt Fryer provided a perfect description of the benefits for a straight leading arm swing. “It gives you width, power, stability, consistency and accuracy.” What more could you want for every swing in your game? Pete summarized the benefits of the Swing as well as Power Generation.

Unfortunately I could not include the MP4 swing video of this youngster with a flat wrist, straight arm and head down after impact. Cute but inspiring.  Start young and it’s easy.  Email and I will send you the MP4 video clip.

How do you “Create” a Straight Arm Swing
-Setup in your athletic golf position with feet apart & flared, knees bent and straight back bent at the waist to a 6 to 10 degree angle.
-Hold your leading straight arm elbow with your trailing hand.
-Now pull your leading arm across your chest (mine moves about 50 degrees), then rotate your shoulders and spine (mine adds about 40 more degrees) and then rotate your hips (mine adds about 30 more degrees= 120 degrees total).
– You may be able to rotate your leading arm 180 degrees the way the younger pros do but don’t strain yourself trying it.

Use this as a stretching exercise (but don’t overdo it). Realize that this is the limitation of your back swing. The cocking of your flat wrist including your finger grip (not a palm grip) will add another 90 degrees so that the shaft of my clubs rotates about 180 to 270 degrees from your setup position. DON’T bend your leading arm FOR MORE ROTATION. [Pros normally reach 270 degrees and John Daly and Brooke Henderson reach about 315 degrees.]

How does a Straight Arm “Generate” Power?
Your wrist release (Lag release) generates most of your power.   Wrist LAG is already built into your swing using your arm rotation and wrist cocking action.  In your downswing uncoil your hips and back by shifting your weight to your leading leg as you pull down on your STRAIGHT leading arm. The whipping action of your arm and wrist, released through impact, generates most of your club head speed and power.

Find your straight arm rotation point and limit your swing to that point. GOLFSTR+ was designed to remind you to limit your backswing without bending your leading arm.  Use it to train for 6 swing fixes. Buy it today at

Golf Truism #4: The stages of golf are Sudden Collapse, Radical Change, Complete Frustration, Slow Improvement, Brief Mastery, and Sudden Collapse.


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