Small Changes Can Fix Your Game

Do you realize that slight changes in your setup or swing can result in drastic improvements in your game?  On the other hand, small changes can also destroy your game.  Every golfer wants to improve their game or they would not be playing this challenging sport.  That’s why we watch the Golf Channel and weekly golf tournaments on TV. There’s nothing like The Masters to get your golf juices flowing for the start of your new golf season.  When you start your Spring Practice at the Driving Range make sure that you test out the impact of slight changes to see how they affect your ball flight:

Test out a slight grip change by rotation of the leading or trailing hand both stronger and weaker. Jordan Spieth has been moving to a weaker (rotated forward) leading hand and stronger (rotated back) tailing hand.  Every person has different strength so you need to find the right setup for YOUR BODY  but try to learn to swing like a pro as they have set the standard for success.

Swing with a relaxed grip for more distance.  Try gripping and ripping it and then try with a looser grip.  This is not baseball so relax your grip to improve your release at the bottom of your swing.

Tension in your grip for your short game will create fat shots every time.

A light grip is also important for putting.  Ernie Els made 6 putts within 3 feet for a 9 on the first hole of day 1 at The Masters on April 7, 2016. On a steep side slope of a green, you have to let the ball die into the hole from above the hole.  If it misses at least you have an uphill putt which is easier to sink.  A firm putt in the hole was not the solution for Ernie.  Sorry Ernie but I had to show this.  We agonize with you:


Eliminate the sway in your backswing. Rotate your spine in your backswing without swaying back to ensure that you don’t fall back during your downswing.

Watch for the special tips by Michael Breed on the Golf Channel to keep your mind tuned in to the perfect swing.

Focus only on the shot that you are making.  During The Masters Jordon Spieth said that he was on the clock. He rushed his preparation. His focus turned to what the consequences of a bad swing would be, rather than what he actually wanted to do, which was hit the ball to the middle of the green. He hit it into Raes Creek twice. Don’t let your mind wander over the ball.

I found this You Tube video of 9 Tour Players using practice drills provided by Golf Monthly. It also includes tips from Jordan Spieth as well as our new Masters champion Danny Willett.


Warm up for your season with GOLFSTR+ for every swing in your game.  Learn to swing with a straight leading arm, a flat leading wrist for putting, chipping and backswing.  It’s also ideal to develop a lagging wrist on your trailing hand for chipping and to create lag in your backswing.  That is 6 swing solutions in 1 great training aid.   Buy one today at



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  • Raymond CHASTEL says:

    Great tips ,very useful ,even for the average golfers we are .
    The “PETER UHLEIN ” drill with the left leg back ,was novel for me :does help to avoid rising too early in the throughswing
    The extension of JORDAN SPETH in the throughswing is spectacular !

    • Bill says:

      Thank you for your comments (Raymond, from the French Riviera). Always nice to see that as an 80+ year old golfer you can share your wisdom and success with our readers. I will have to try that balancing exercise. We are back from the south and expect 68 F weather this weekend. Looking forward to our round.

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