Simplify your Thoughts to Control Your Swing!

Golf is a game of “feel”.  You have to use a motion that is familiar to you and then transfer that feeling into a unique swing for every club in your bag. I just saw an offer where you can take 19 courses and watch 425 videos to improve your game. OMG is golf really that difficult?  Actually: Yes, but you can be successful if you simplify your setup and “feeling” for every shot.

You don’t have time to clutter your mind with thoughts during a swing which takes one (1) second.  You need to program your brain and body like a guided-missile. You only have time to “feel” the shoulder rotation, lag and release to a balanced finish. [If you rush the transition, your club will take a wild loop and lose the plane of your swing. On the 14th hole drive by Robert Streb in the Greenbrier Classic Tournament, you could see his club loop at the top, causing a “duck hook” into the bush and resulting in a bogie. Big mistake: he lost by 1 stroke.]

We all agree that Golf is not an easy sport to learn. However, you can learn to play well if you apply the following 6 simple points to every swing except putting. [Putting is another game.]

1/ Setup with a light grip to relax your wrists and arm muscles for power when you release your club. [Learn to lag your club and let your club head do the work.]

2/ Your head should stay in the same location from the setup to the point of impact. [Don’t sway back in your backswing.]

3/ If you tend to topping your ball, use the Jack Nicklaus eyeball trick. During your setup, rotate your head to the right (for right handed golfers) so that your leading eye stays focused on your ball through impact.

4/ Your shoulders (not your arms) need to start the backswing for every shot. As your shoulders rotate, your hips will follow.

“Feel” like the butt of your grip is pointing down at your swing plane and “bump” your hip to start your downswing.

5/ With your flat leading wrist and straight leading arm, the butt of your grip should be pointing down along your swing path as you reach the top of your swing. Your loose grip will let you FEEL the weight of your club, FEEL your smooth transition, LAUNCH your drives up, POWER your fairway shots through and CONTROL your chips/ pitches for more consistent hits.

6/ To start the downswing, use your hips to rotate your weight from your trailing to your leading foot. [If you can’t build this shift into your swing, then setup with more pressure on your leading foot. Eventually you will naturally learn to incorporate this weight shift during your swing.]

Putting is another ball game: Putt by rocking your shoulders to finish the swing straight up your target line. Choose your line, stare at your target for 3 seconds [AMAZING: Your brain works like a laser, some pros stare 5 seconds], return your stare to your ball and keep it there until you finish your swing. [Don’t let your eyes follow your putter head. Trust your swing.]

The pros who created these tips believe that these 6 tips will crystallize your mind to improve your game. Use them while you practice with your GOLFSTR+ to build your memory bank. Buy one today at





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