Should You Give Your Driver a “Time-out”?

We all want more distance with our driver.  A few weeks ago I talked about the only 3 ways to increase distance: club head speed, impact on the center of the club face and launch angle.  THEY ONLY COUNT IF YOU LAND YOUR BALL IN THE FAIRWAY.  If your drives are not landing in the fairway more than 50% of the time, you may be better off giving your driver a “Time-out”.  

Today we are focusing on the best way to increase club head speed for more USEFUL distance.  Wrist lag and release through impact and a square face from an inside-to-out swing path will both improve your distance especially when you land in the fairway.

Distance only Counts when YOU Hit the Fairway

You know the instant you miss your shot with your driver. Give your DRIVER a time out and enjoy playing from the fairway.

Slow Down: If you don’t control your swing direction to hit your target (in the fairway) you will never benefit from longer drives.  So forget about hitting the longest drive in your life every time you swing.  Drop your swing speed back to 90% or 80% and hit more fairways for more beneficial distance.

Why do you think that the pros are only hitting the fairways about 70% of the time?  The driver has a longer shaft, the head of the club is heavier and the face of the club has many different “gear effect” dynamics to compensate for mishits off the center line of the club face.  DRIVERS ARE MORE DIFFICULT TO CONTROL THAN ANY OTHER CLUB.

If you hit your drives long and into the trees or into the deep rough, it really makes no difference how far your ball flies because you have to “pay the penalty” and hit your next shot back into play to give yourself a chance to hit the green with your approach shot.  A recent winner on the LPGA averaged drives of 250 yards with 90% of her shots hitting the fairway. That’s a great example for all of us.

Cut back on your power and take control of your driver.  Practice with GOLFSTR+ for a controlled straight arm swing.  Buy one today at

PS:  GOLF LAW #11   All vows taken on a golf course shall be valid only until sunset.




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