Watch super slow motion videos of most professional golfer’s swing (including Tiger, Phil and Rory).  You will see whipping action of the club shaft recoiling before it impacts with the ball (losing speed and distance).  In the last 20 years someone discovered that ski jumpers fly a lot further with their skis spread out instead of parallel together.   This was a monumental break-through and I believe that I have discovered the same for your golf swing.

I have seen this for years but assumed that the club manufactures and professional instructors had a reason for allowing this recoil.  I discovered the truth when I saw Bubba Watson’s swing in Super Slow Motion.  Why is it that Bubba Watson’s driver does NOT have whipping action recoil before his club head impacts the ball?  [Check it out on our Swing Tip released 2 weeks ago.]  There must be a relationship with his ability to out-drive everyone in the Masters this year.  I suspect that his stiff shaft and timing of his lag release has a lot to do with his 125 MPH impact speed (as compared to 110 MPH for the average pro).

Check out the Super-Slo-Mo video of Lydia Ko (the youngest LPGA winner ever) illustrating this OPPORTUNITY for you and any other golfers who know the secret.   At 1:05 in this video check out the recoil of the club.  She is definitely losing distance and could benefit from a shorter backswing or a stiffer shaft.  The end of her whip (her club head) is recoiling too early.  Imagine the extra distance if her club head maximizes speed at the point of impact.

I’m an inquisitive golfer with an engineering background who designed GOLFSTR+ to improve my swing.  Almost 4,000 users are enjoying this product offering 6 swing fixes so I understand the physics of the golf swing.   I can’t find anyone writing about loss of distance from mid-swing recoil.  The whipping action recoil before impact may be a major limitation for the head speed of your club.

Solution for MORE DISTANCE:

The whipping action of your club is related to the speed of your arms and body release during the swing.  Club head speed is primarily increased by wrist lag and release at the bottom of your swingFlexibility of your shaft and the weight of your club head are other contributing factors.  I can’t predict how to control your combination of factors to maximize your club head speed at impact but I know that every golfer experiences amazing unexplained distance from time to time when all of your factors line upIt is up to you to discover your combination.

Experiment to find YOUR Perfect Factors:
1/  Your club shaft may be too stiff or too flexible but work with what you have before you start all over again with new equipment.
2/  Swinging too faster may be killing your distance as your club head recoils to wait for your hands to catch up.
3/  Try limiting your backswing to test the whipping action of your club head.  Think of your club as a whip and test for increased distance.

Now you know where to concentrate your effort.  Why not look for your perfect swing speed combination for your clubs.  Work out with GOLFSTR+ to improve your swing with straight arm and flat wrist.  Why not discover your perfect swing by CLICKING HERE and checking out GOLFSTR.


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