On the Road to Golf Excellence

If you really want to break 100 then 90 then 80, you need a plan. Of course it would take many books written by the best golfers of our times to give you all of the insights that should be considered. I just wanted to share a few points that crystallize a meaningful progression to reduce your scores: Minimize Mishits, Manage Your Mind and Track Your Successes.

Golfers at all levels mishit the ball. This is a constant battle but you need to understand that even the pros mishit the ball (but tournament leaders make fewer mistakes). Consistently hitting the ball for every shot will guarantee your success. An 82 year old golfer (a GOLFSTR user in the French Riviera, Raymond Chastel) reminded me that he never tries to shape his shots to maintain a 7 handicap. This is an enviable record and a great lesson for any golfer who wants to shoot in the 70’s.

Imagine being able to enjoy beautiful views and perfect shots landing on greens in regulation every time.

Imagine being able to enjoy beautiful views and perfect shots landing on greens in regulation every time. [Thank you GOLF TIPS MAGAZINE.]

Minimize Mishits:
80% of all golfers often have mishits. A good starting point is to change your approach to the way you select each club. Sort out if you are topping, slicing or hitting fat shots and take corrective action. Take lessons or watch YouTube Swing Videos by Ben Hogan or other great golfers. Buy a GOLFSTR+ to practice and correct every swing in your game.

Use lower lofted clubs and slow your swing speed to 77% (your lucky numbers). Your consistency and direction control will improve significantly. Eliminate the macho long balls into the woods or deep grass. This suggestion came from the same trainer (Hank Haney), who tells us to swing as fast as we can to gain more distance. Distance is useless if you have to waste strokes to get your ball back in play.

Learn to lead your down swing with your hips, impact the ball before you brush the ground and follow through with a balanced finish. Stay calm and relaxed to hit controlled, consistent shots.

Control Your Mind:
This is easier said than done. You are not playing golf for your living, so don’t be so hard on yourself. As Ben Hogan said, “the most important shot is your next one”. You can’t change what has happened so get over it and enjoy your next wonderful shot. Take your key swing thought from the practice range, relax your mind and make it happen on the golf course.

Measure Your Performance:
You should measure the good, the bad and the ugly. Hank Haney came up with a great plan to track your PENALTY strokes on your score card after you play each hole. He called them the 3 P’s:
1/ Penalties: Mishits, strokes off the fairway and strokes to get back on the fairway.
2/ Pitches: 1 pitch or chip is OK. Count 1 penalty for more than 1 pitch.
3/ Putts: 2 putts are OK. Count 1 penalty for each extra putt.

Sort out where your P’s are coming from and focus on corrective action when you practice.

Last Thought
Relaxed muscles and a light grip will let the weight of your club do the work. Be confident that you setup correctly so that you can focus on your critical swing thought to avoid old habits. Practice this approach with GOLFSTR+ FOR EVERY SWING IN YOUR GAME. Make it happen and buy one today: www.golfstr.com


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