Repeating Your Perfect Swing

We have all created perfect swings where the ball feels like butter as it float up your chosen path to the perfect landing area. Choosing the right club for the right distance is important but if you can’t make a consistent swing for each type of club you will never get better at this game. Your grip and your setup stance is different for each club in your bag. Remembering to use the correct swing for each type of club is critical for your success.

Adjusting for the angle of ground that you are standing on is a critical starting point. If your feet are below the ball, you will pull your shot to the low side. Feet above the ball will tend to squirt the ball away from you (in the direction that your chest is facing). For downhill and uphill shots you need to adjust your stance so that your shoulders are lining up with the plane of the hill. You also have to change your club to adjust to a higher lofted club when hitting downhill or a lower lofted club when hitting uphill.  Swing with the plane of the hill.  You have to anticipate and adjust for the right direction or distance to hit.

Get rid of your slice by taking your club back wide and high at the top. Then loop it down to swing from the slot and up your target line.

Driver: Swing to impact as your club is rising (after your club passes the bottom of your swing arc). So set up your ball off the heel of your leading foot and tee it up to connect on the upper half of your club face at the center line. [ Cameron Champ, who averaged 343 yard drives in the Tour last year and has now joined the PGA Tour has a swing speed of 130 MPH. Don’t try it as you will most likely never find your ball.]

Fairway Woods and Hybrids: Impact the ball at the bottom of your swing arc and taking minimal turf after impact. Setup with the ball forward of the center of your stance.

Irons and Pitching Irons: Impacting the ball just before the bottom of you swing and then take a divot as you create a reverse spin on your ball. You can’t take turf after the ball unless you are finishing on your leading foot so make sure that you start with a forward shaft lean pointing at you left hip (for right handed golfers). That shaft lean helps you place more pressure on your leading foot from the start of your backswing.  NOTE THIS TRICK: EARLY IN YOUR ROUND IF YOU FIND THAT YOU ARE TOPPING YOUR BALL, SETUP WITH MORE PRESSURE ON YOUR LEADING FOOT TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU CAN GET YOUR WEIGHT TO SHIFT TO YOUR LEADING FOOT DURING YOUR FOLLOW-THROUGH.

Chipping Irons: Impacting the ball at the exact bottom of your swing arc. Use a narrow stance and swing to let the weight of your club do all of the work to lift the ball and allow the ball to run to the hole.

Putter: Impacting on the balanced center of your putter, creating a top spin roll as you swing exactly up your target line (without any side spin). [NOTE: For short putts you need to test your putter [TEST WITH 10 IDENTICAL PUTTS]to find the balanced center of your putter to avoid side spin (left or right). Then focus on impacting that point on your putter face for every short putt.]

Your setup should change for every swing in your game but your swing speed and rhythm should be consistent. Know the distance that you hit each club so that you can grip down on a club that you know you hit too long for your shot. Golf is a game of refinement. Get it right and your scores will drop. Practice with GOLFSTR+ for every swing in your game. Buy one today at

ALERT: In the Morning Read Blog, MIKE PURKEY predicted that the rising stars for 2019 will be Tiger Woods, Tony Finau, Tommy Fleetwood, Brooks Koepka, Joaquin Niemann (a 19 year old from Chile playing in a limited number of tournaments had 4 top-10-finishes) and Xander Schauffele (guess who won the tournament last week). The falling stars will be Rickie Fowler, Matt Kuchar, Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson and Jordon Speith. Do you agree?



  • You mention mainly US golfers :there’s a big ommision in your list :it is FRANCISCO MOLINARI :he was the best player on the EUROPEAN TEAM(5-0-0) ,and won the BRITISH OPEN in 2018.
    He is stocky fellow ,he hasn’t a spectacular game,he doesn’t send the ball far ,but he is very very consistent .There’s also some other young ENGLISH players ,apart from TOMMY FLEETWOOD worth following .and what about the young BELGIAN player THOMAS PIETERS ,and the SWEDE OLESEN .As for TIGER WOODS ,your predictions are merely wishful thinking :he was the worse player on the US RYDER CUP team ,not an example to follow.

    • Will Curry says:

      Hi Mbwa,
      I agree with all of the extra names that should be on our list to perform will in 2019 (but I did not make up the list). It came from a North American golf blog.

      I do want to point out that Tiger seems to perform best as an individual. His historic performance in the Ryder Cup (as a team player) has been poor. I just think he feels a lot more pressure when he wants to help out his team mates. Even though he is aging I really believe that he will have a lot more top 10 finishes this year. Prediction: He will win at least 2 tournaments this year. TIGER, I hope you are reading this. I know you can do it!
      Hit ’em Long, Will Curry

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