Prioritize Your Focus

If golf wasn’t so bloody difficult, we could all be scratch golfers. Each facet of the game forces you to examine so many setups for the condition of the lie of your ball and the target that you are trying to hit. No wonder why this game drives us all crazy. Your analysis and your execution is the reason why we love this game so much. Most of us play for personal self-satisfaction. To enjoy this game, you really need to narrow your focus for each shot to get all of that clutter out of your brain.

Mentally we all set an outcome that we want for every round. Why not set an easy objective to take the pressure off: Break 100, 90 or 80. Success in Golf really comes down to a few decisions. Start with a mental goal, appraise the hole that you are on, plan the right shot and setup to execute the right shot.

A beginner just wants to hit the ball but recreational players with a reasonable skill level know that they can work back from the hole to decide where they want to land their ball on their first shot. If they don’t hit their target, they just rework their plan to layup or go for the center of the green. All of this is obvious for a golfer but it does come down to the club you select, the setup that you need and the swing that you plan to execute.

Ernie Els is the perfect golfer image to keep in your mind to help you swing with controlled tempo. It allows you to finish your backswing and to hold your lag in the downswing.

The Moment of Truth: Your Swing Thought Sequence
Each club demands a unique swing thought so choose wisely by testing out your focused thought during your practice swing. What is your primary thought?
A mental image of the shape of your shot to hit your target
Using a waggle to loosen up your body or as a reminder to start you backswing with the rotation of your hips (followed by your shoulders and then your arms)
Keep your wrist flat at the top of your backswing
Start shifting your weight to your leading foot during your transition
Count “1, 2“ during your backswing to add time to cock your wrists at the top
Shallow your swing to ensure that you swing from the slot to the outside

Keep your head and eyes focused on the ball location until after impact
Finish your swing balanced on your leading foot as you marvel at your shot

[The text in red are my 2 key thoughts.]

These are all good thoughts. Your mind can only process them one at a time but practicing with a consistent routine for every shot will help you execute every one of these thoughts. That’s why you can’t afford to let your mind wonder outside of your swing thought sequence.

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Golf Truism #20: Never play your son for money.


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