POWER Tricks for Aging Golfers

Maximizing club head speed with a square face at the point of impact is the ultimate goal for every golf swing.  As we age it’s will be helpful to know that there are tricks that we can use to maximize the speed of our club head through the ball without braking our backs. That’s right, your arms, spine, hips and feet need to SHARE the rotation for every golf swing.

Too often golfers wear out their spine by bending or arching their spine during their golf swing. Your spine is designed to rotate but you need to keep your spine straight during your swing. AVOID hunching over and hitting sideways with your back bent.  Arnold Palmer swung with a hunched back and it may have cut his playing career short.

Coil the line along your spine to create a maximum backswing while maintaining a straight spine. In your downswing, uncoil your spine (feet, hips, shoulders, arms and wrists – in that sequence) to accelerate your club through the ball.

Arnold Palmer lunged at his ball as he swung through his ball to balance on his leading foot.  I’m not sure how well his bent back survived.

Tricks to Help You Coil and Uncoil:
1/ Setup with your trailing foot open by about 25 degrees to allow your body to FREELY coil back in your backswing. (And you leading foot should be flared forward about 25 degrees too.)
2/ Use a rehearsal waggle to make sure that your shoulders as well as your hips are rotating. It’s like a dancing motion to make sure that you are rotating NOT swaying back.
3/ DON’T cock your wrist at the start of your takeaway like Michelle Wie and Dustin Johnson unless you want to slice your drives.
4/ Keep your leading wrist is flat throughout your backswing and transition.
5/ Try lifting the heal of your leading foot as you bend your leading knee in (the way Arnie did it) to help increase your backswing rotation.
6/ Let your bent trailing elbow create your flat wrist lag. Pull your club down at the top of your swing to ensure that you are swinging with a SHALLOW arc from the inside and up your target line. FOCUS on impacting your ball from the inside of the centerline (NOT square on that line).
7/ You may even be tempted to step out with your leading foot (the way Gary Player liked to practice) during your downswing. Baseball pitchers do it, why not older golfers.

Try these tricks to increase your windup and follow through but don’t rush your tempo. Just enjoy your powerful wrist release at the bottom of your swing. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to keep your leading arm straight for more torque at the bottom of your swing. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com

GOLF LAW #21: If you want to hit a 7-iron as far as Tiger Woods does, simply try to use it to lay up just short of a water hazard.


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