Plan for Your Self-Training Round of Golf

Golfers at any level benefit from every round that they play. Unfortunately we all have mishits or shanks or poor side hill lies where we only get upset with our game. Wouldn’t it be great to have a second chance to try every one of your poor shots over again? Why not play the occasional round of golf where you take a mulligan for every one of your poor shots. Then add up your score and appreciate how low your score can be.

You learned to play golf hitting buckets of balls at a driving range on a flat surface or mat. So how will you ever learn to improve your game on the rolling terrain of a golf course? Or in the rough? When you play a round of golf, the pressure is on and you really don’t have time to learn from your mistakes. Wouldn’t it be ideal to take corrective action to fix your swing or setup to improve your shots?

Here are 3 pros (Sergio, Tiger and Jim Furyk) with 3 different back swings. Why not tryout a change and learn from your results.

SOLUTION: Play a Self-Training Round of Golf
Of course you can’t enter your score for your handicap when you take a number of mulligans. The real benefit is that you can:
1/ Figure out how to hit balls from a poor lie or from a side or downhill lie.
2/ Practice hitting a draw or fad to land your ball where you want it to land.
3/ Avoid the anger that builds up when something goes wrong with your swing.
4/ Enjoy seeing how well you can actually hit the right shot. [Of course, the old saying goes, any idiot can hit the second try.]
5/ Best of all, you can total up your score with all of your great shots to see how low your score can get. It will build confidence in your game.

Playing a practice round will let you make all of those short putts that never reach the hole. Gives you that second chance to get out of a sand trap. Lets you find the perfect direction to aim off your side hill lie. Try out a more lofted club on a downhill lie to actually make your shot count. And best of all you can make that chip with confidence to cozy your ball up to the pin for a 1 putt green.

Mark down the score using your best ball when you take an alternate shot. You will really be pleased to see your score drop by 10 to 30%. When you add up your score at the end of your round, you will really be pleased to know that you have that low score capability in your game.

Practice playing a round wearing your GOLFSTR+ to improve your straight arm swing. It will change your attitude and help you focus on improving your next round. Understand your mistakes and fix them on the spot. Buy one today at

Golf Truism #29: The more your opponent quotes the rules, the greater the certainty he cheats.



  • I started playing golf at the age of 42 and my husband started at 30. One of the first things he taught me was golf etiquette and fast play. I think it is a great idea to have a round where we just work on our game but I would hate to hold anyone up. It’s hard to be behind those golfers who hit 2 or 3 balls per hole. It is very slow play and I lose my rhythm and get just plain tired.
    Maybe the practice round should be the very first thing in the morning or the last tee time in the afternoon. That way it doesn’t cause slow play for anyone else.
    I told my husband and he thinks this is a great idea! Thanks for the article

    • Will Curry says:

      Of course I agree with your comments totally. Keeping up with the foursome in front of you is a priority to get our rounds of golf down to 4 hours. I should have mentions that it is really easy to work on your game with a second ball when you are playing as a 2-some (never as a 4-some) and when you are not holding up anyone behind you. Thanks for the reminder.
      Play Well, Will

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