P. M. Attitude Will Lower Your Score

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is the most important support that you can take with you for any round of golf. Use your memory of great shots in the past. Knowing that you have scored well on a hole in the past will give you the PMA to repeat your performance on all 18 holes. Why not? Just dig back into the archives of your mind and feel that moment. Feel the calm and ease of the swing.  Cease the day!

Arnold Palmer once said “golf is at least 80% mental. Knowing that you have played a hole well or knowing that you have made a certain shot is a great starting point for each shot.”

Learn from your Past Mistakes and Dwell on your PMA for Successes
Dustin Johnson is the perfect example of a player who has had his share of failures down the home stretch. In the past Dustin Johnson was counting his victory before they happened. Now he takes his game one hole at a time. He avoids excitement after each success.

Dustin Johnson uses PMA to visualize his putt so his total focus is on the perfect swing speed, direction and putter face impact.

Dustin Johnson uses PMA to visualize his putt so his total focus is on the perfect swing speed, direction and putter face impact.  His head is motionless.

Dustin Johnson proved his renewed PMA at the 2016 U.S. Open, when he was advised that he may or may not be faced with a 2 stroke penalty. He ignored it, played his game and won in spite the distraction. At the BMW Championship, it was more of the same–and Johnson has now established himself as one of the strongest closers on tour. He does it by matching huge power and a single-mindedness that blocks out negative thoughts about what happened earlier in the day–or what could happen ahead.

PMA is Critical for Putting Success
The instant your putter hits the ball is the instant that you have no further control over the success of your putt. So why not put your focus on the direction of your swing and the amount of acceleration. Hitting the ball dead center on the putter face is far more beneficial than looking up and wagging your putter at the ball. Sure it’s nice to see the break if your ball misses the hole but you don’t want to distort your swing by shifting your head too early.

According to Brandel Chamblee, (Golf Channel), “Statistically, Bubba would be the worst putter on the USA Ryder Cup team. He’s almost the worst putter on the PGA Tour (ranking 165). He is the 7th ranked player in the world but he is sliding fast. Bubba Watson has lost his confidence in putting (especially 6 to 8 foot putts). He is self-taught but his PMA in putting is killing his game.

Develop Positive Mental Attitude by practicing without watching the roll of the ball. It’s not easy to make this change. You need to develop the confidence that you are making the right swing to increase your odds of sinking the putt. Start by making the perfect practice swing. Then duplicate that swing and make sure that you keep your head still for a second or two after impact. The pros do it and you should too.

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  • Chas says:

    Absolutely agree. My best scores happen only with PMA.
    This is especially true with putting. Consistent pre-routine and repetition of practice swing and feeling you can make any out (PMA).

    • Bill says:

      Thanks Chas, You are a new subscriber so I’m glad to see that you appreciate this blog. So many never try to repeat the exact practice swing when they make their putt. Feel the right putt with your practice swing and then repeat with a confident stroke.

  • Excellent and sound advice .I would make four suggestions
    -1 Practice with a metronome :I adjust it to one second beats :one going back ,one going through .
    -2 Never look at the ball. I fix a point two or three inches in front of the ball-target wise-
    -3 I don’t move up my head before a couple of seconds after “Rolling ” the ball (I don’t “strike ” the ball )
    -4 Slightly “deloft” you putter by putting your hands ahead of the ball
    I “roll “100 puts a day from 4 feet to 24 feet ,every 4 feet ,20 ball at each position
    The result :my putting average is between 24 and 28 puts per round .
    I practise exactly the same way with my chipping :chipping is for me just a “lofted put ” .

  • Will Curry says:

    Thanks Raymond,
    I love your suggestions. I will try the version where I look at a target point 3 inches in front of the ball. It will give me something to lineup with my swing.

    I always wondered why so many like to “deloft” their putter (a la Phil Mickelson). It will only drive the ball into the ground instead of “forcing a clean roll of the ball”. Common sense suggests we swing up to force the ball to roll over.

    Love your last point as that is exactly what I am now doing to avoid any fat or thin chips when hitting out of the short grass. (hitting a chip out of 2+ inch rough demands a more direct downward swing to avoid getting caught in the grass before connecting with the ball)

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