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It’s a wonderful feeling to watch the Masters and warm up for our Summer golf season. I hope you were trying to glean any tidbits to improve your game this year. If you were paying attention, you would have seen how Patrick Reed (the surprise winner) definitely gave us lessons to improve our putting and patience. I’m going to save the putting story for next week’s blog and will focus on the one skill that every golfer needs: PATIENCE.

More rounds of golf are blown by golfers who lose their patience and turn a mistake into a disastrous sequence of holes. We all focus on the special skills needed to execute each swing or each putt. However, we often forget that patience is probably the easiest skill to apply to anything we do in life but the Impatient Bogie Man  jumps on our back when we least expect him.

Patrick Reed was leading by 3 strokes after 3 rounds. He and his team created a plan to win using patience during the 4th round. How often do you try to make the impossible shot and then end up carding a double or triple bogie on a hole. And then the problem carries over to the next hole.

Patrick Reed won the Masters with the right strategy to win: PATIENCE

Patrick Reed’s PATIENCE Won the Masters
Patrick bogeyed the 11th hole, which opened the door for Rickie Fowler and Jordon Spieth. The pressure was on but he kept his focus and birdied the 12th. The real test came on the par 5, 15th hole when his drive landed within hitting distance to the green but was blocked by trees. He chose to layup, chip close to the hole and make his par.

He could have tried for the hero shot but he may have recalled a story by Ben Hogan when he had the lead on a final day of the Masters and decided to layup. When asked why he laid up, he said “I didn’t need a 3”. On that day Ben chipped his 3rd shot close and sank the putt.

Advice from the Pro
Our club pro gave me similar advice. If your ball is in the rough or blocked by a tree, take your medicine and hit to a safe position for your next shot. You’re playing 18 holes so you have many holes where you can still lower your score. Don’t let one hole destroy your patience and your round.

Patience is probably the most important skill that you need to take to the course for every round of golf. If you don’t have patience you will lose your focus. When your ball is in a bad location, take a deep breathe to clear your brain. Think about the right shot that you have been practicing with your GOLFSTR+.  Make the right decision.  Buy one today at

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