Michelle Wie does it with Limited Backswing

Attractive, 6 feet tall, long ball hitter, young golf star with endorsements galore.  All of that came crashing down to earth when she lost her confidence and missed 5 cuts in a row in 2012.   How did she turn it around to win the Lotte Championship at 24?  Her swing coach, David Leadbetter credits it all to working hard and positive mental attitude.

I think it’s her LIMITED backswing which gives her more control with the same distance.  Robert Cotter in his Instant Golf blog refers to the limited backswing by Justin Rose as “The MODERN Golf Swing”.  I think that Michelle and Justin are on to something great. Michelle’s driving average is 260 yards.  Any weekend warrior (male or female) would love this record.

Injuries hurt Michelle’s swing and her game.  She broke three bones in her left wrist in ’07 in a fall. She played through a severely sprained ankle in 2009 and tried to play through a bulging disc in her back late in 2010 (similar to Tiger Woods).

Her recent success shows that if you want something bad enough, you can turn it all around. Wie headed to San Francisco first in the 2014 LPGA money winnings ($616,555), first in scoring (69.57), first in hitting greens in regulation (81 percent) and first in rounds under par.

Learn From Her Swing
This slow motion video of her warm up on the driving range shows a full back swing with great lag.  It all changed when she got on the course in her final round in the Latte ChampionshipShe was limiting her backswing so that her hands were only shoulder high and she was still hitting about 260 yards and landing on every fairway.

In her practice swing she rehearsed the starting drop of the leading arm without any wrist release. She keeps her leading arm dead straight through out.  [She must be practicing with GOLFSTR+.]

So TRY limiting your backswing for more consistent golf and practice with your GOLFSTR+ For Every Swing in YOUR Game.

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