Memories to Kickoff Your New Golf Year

The Masters is watched by more golf fanatics than any other golf tournament.  For many, it is like the First Rite of Spring to get tuned up for the new season.  The world starts to bloom as the grass turns green in Augusta, GA.  So I thought you might enjoy recalling memorable thoughts of golf to prepare for the your new season.

1/ Short putts never go in.

2/ The most important shot in golf is your next one.

3/ Breezy? Swing easy.

4/ Don’t kill the ball.  Even Scotty Scheffler hooks the ball when he gets excited.

5/ No matter how poorly you play, it can always be worse.

6/ How to sink long putts?  Take an iron lesson.

7/ Miracle shots rarely payoff.  Get back in play and make the best of it.

8/ Why do they call it GOLF?  Because all the other 4 letter words were taken.

9/ A ruff day on the golf course is so much better than a day at the office.

10/ This is the first day of the rest of your life.  Take a lesson and turn your game around.

Your lessons may come from a professional golfer, but I hope you are using the nuggets of knowledge that you pick up by reading GOLFSTR Swing Tips.

Augusta National is the world’s most recognized golf course. Seeing this picture brings wonderful memories for every golfer.

My Personal Preference for Consistency and Control (make your personal list):

-Distance Control: Know the distance that you can count on for each of your clubs when swinging with 80% of your power.

-Direction Control:  Setup to swing every club with a slightly closed face to add draw.  I swing down from the inside to impact my ball just inside the center line of the ball and directly up my target line to create a draw into the center of the fairway. 

-Driver: I setup with a slightly open stance (like Fred Couples) and limit my backswing to keep my leading arm straight.  As I near the top, I bow my leading wrist to add lag (like Jon Rahm) to shallow my club during the downswing.

-Woods and Hybrids:  Setup with my shaft leaning forward (to square the face of my club).  As I near the top, I bow my leading wrist to add lag and shallow my downswing.

-Irons and Wedges: Setup with my hip shifted to put about 70% of my weight on my leading foot and to keep my nose over the ball during my backswing and downswing. Add extra bend to my knees.

-Chipping: Use any iron (higher lofts for more lift and shorter roll-out) and grip down holding the shaft in a vertical line to chip my ball over the rough using THE TOE of the club face. 

-Putting: Make practice swings to feel the swing needed to pass the hole by up to 18 inches.  Move up to the ball and stare at my target point. Then (IN 1 CONTINUOUS MOTION) trace my eyes back to grass behind the ball where my eyes remain focused as my shoulders swing my arms back on the same line AND up then down along my target line.

Study your game and sort out YOUR solutions for each of these components of your game.  When you LOCK INTO your Personal Preferences and eliminate your hero shots, I guarantee that you will start breaking into the 70’s. 

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