Little Changes for Big Improvements in Your Game !

We can all swing a golf club but are you aware that a few minor adjustments can change your game forever?  Why not shake your game up and lower your scores. That’s exactly why you may want to take a golf lesson to discover simple changes. Another option could be in these tips. Each one was published by a professional golfer to tweak their game. I’m hoping that a few of these will light up your game .

1. For longer drives, keep your head behind the ball at impact as you swing from the inside with more power through the ball.

2. Focus on the words LAUNCH for drives and POWER for fairway shots. LAUNCH your drives as you swing up and POWER your fairway swing through your ball as you graze the turf after impact.

3. Golf Digest Tips to eliminate Yips in putting and chipping: Great idea to get rid of this problem is to practice by letting go of your club with the tailing hand at impact. This forces your leading hand to accelerate through the ball to finish your body rotation and swing.

4. If you can’t hit the turf after the ball with your iron shots, try positioning your ball slightly back of the center line in your stance. This will de-loft your club, give you more distance and add power when you swing down through the ball and then the turf.

5. The #1 page searched on the GOLFSTR website is: “Swing with your chest first for distance” [Click to check it out].  Just start your downswing by rotating your chest and leading hip. Relax your swing to improve your release sequence.

6. You can’t generate maximum power if you don’t turn your shoulders in your backswing. If your shoulder turn is limited make sure that you create a 90 degree wrist cock (with your flat leading wrist), hold this lag position at the start of your downswing and release through the ball. It creates amazing straight shots.

Tiger has not played a tournament for 15 months, he's ranked 879 in the world BUT HE IS BACK: He made 2 eagles on the front 9 in the Hero ProAm. His old, old swing looks great.

Tiger has not played a tournament for 15 months, he’s ranked 879 in the world BUT HE IS BACK: He made 2 eagles on the front 9 in the Hero Pro-Am. His old, old swing looks great.  CONFIDENT?   You bet!

7. Confidence is only built by what you put into your game. If you have a problem swing with a specific club then work on it at the driving range. Use your GOLFSTR+ to practice until you hone in on the right swing. Lock in the feeling of that perfect swing and then take that FEELING with you to the golf course.

8. How can a scrawny kid hit a ball over 240 yards? It’s not his strength. It’s timing! Hold your wrist lag as you start your downswing and whip your wrists through impact. Whipping the head of your club to cause a whooshing sound is definitely creating more speed and power and distance.

9. Club head speed is only part of the equation for your consistent swing success. A square club face impact by driving through the ball will minimize the top or side spin which is killing your shots.

10. Practice with your GOLSTR+  for every swing in your game. Learn to control your straight leading elbow, your flat leading wrist in putting and chipping, your limited lag in your trailing wrist for chipping and lag for power. Buy one today at






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