Let Your Club do the Work!

Have you ever wondered why the harder you swing the worse the result? It has to do with your mind as your game progresses. If you are “tight” when you start your round, you tend to swing with a tight grip, tight wrists and tight muscles in your arms. You try to “muscle” your swing with your arms. You can get so much more out of every swing if you loosen up your body and your shoulder rotation. Let the weight of your club do the work as it releases or whips through the ball.

You may be rushed to get to the course or the weather may be cold, windy and wet but why should we be so uptight; swing with brute force; grip it and rip it and swing harder & faster . Yes, they are all negative for our games and we need to find a way to overcome these problems every time we setup for a swing.

Webb Simpson won the Players with a calm and focused mind. He did it by hitting fairways and greens and you can do it too.

Here is a basic list of thoughts to keep in our minds every time we play a round of golf. It’s all about letting your body relax and letting your clubs do the work.

Arrive Relaxed: Avoid rushing to the golf course with hard rock music playing on the radio. Running to the first tee will get your blood pumping but the results will be a disaster.

Stretch Exercises: Stretch the night before, hours before your tee time as well as within 30 minutes of your tee time. The closer you get to your tee time the more dynamic your stretching should be: Leg swings, swing 2 clubs in both directions and bent trunk rotations.

Weather Check: If it’s cool or windy, dress for warmth or give your mind a wind reality check. Accept the fact that there is wind: change your club selection according to the direction of the wind. Don’t rush or shorten your back swing as the wind will tend to put your mind in a hyper active state. [Believe me it is much worse when you wear hearing aids.]

Calm and Relaxed: Use a consistent setup and always start it with a deep relaxing breathe to calm your mind and muscles. I see Phil Mickelson and many other pros do it and you should too..

Relaxed Grip: Before every swing, check that you don’t have a death grip on your club. Squeezing your grip will tighten your wrists and your arms. It also kills your release.

Let your Club Lag Naturally: When your muscles are relaxed, you can feel the weight of the head of each club in your backswing. [Don’t muscle through your swing!] Let the weight of the head of your club feel heavy as it creates a natural lag with your relaxed wrists. Then start your down swing with your hips as you unwind your torso and arms and you finally whip your wrists through impact.

The end of your grip is flared so that you can use a light grip with your hands and avoid letting the club slip out of your hands. Practice every swing in your game with GOLFSTR+ before your round to feel the weight of your club head. Let it do the work during every swing. If you can’t feel the weight of your club head during your back swing, you are gripping too hard. Practice with GOLFSTR+ and buy one today at www.golfstr.com


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