Let Your Eyes Control Your Game: Part 1

We all know that focus is critical for consistent golf but there are DO’s and DON’Ts in golf to help you win at this game. Of course you need to keep your focus on your swing and your target but your eyes can destroy the outcome if you don’t use them properly. This is a collection of the important areas where your eyes must be used to calibrate your brain for distance and direction. Once you take the wind, humidity, temperature into consideration your eyes need to take over.

This is a game of feel and mental control but let your eyes put your body on autopilot.

Part 1: Drive, Fairway and Approach Shots

  1. Jack Nicklaus always said that you need to line up all shots by choosing a specific spot where you want to land your ball.
  2. See the distance to a bunker or obstacles and choose your club and direction to make sure that your next shot is an easy shot.
  3. Use your practice swing to determine if you will see your shadow or tree shadows move during your swing. Understand it, accept it and forget it. Use your focus on your ball to ignore moving shadows.
  4. See the lie of your ball. Is there a clean approach to the ball or will you be hitting heavy grass before the ball? Get your ball out of the deep rough with a shorter club and a steeper swing down and through the ball. Hitting to safety is your only objective.
  5. Watch for changing wind directions before every shot and compensate for it before your swing.
  6. You may want to line up your tee shot with a line or the logo on your ball running diagonally from the inside of your swing path to out (creating a draw swing). Your mind will see that line and can use it to avoid a slice swing
  7. Focus your eyes on the back of your golf ball. (Don’t watch your club

    Keep your eyes on your ball until impact before you complete your rotation to a balanced finish.

    head in your backswing.) For all of your shots, focus on the impact at the center of your club face to control the direction of you shot. [Hint: You can’t see the instant of impact but you better test it out with a marker or powder to figure out the right stance because that’s why your shots are going all over the course.].

  8. Sean Foley said that club face direction is responsible for 75% of the initial direction of the ball. Grip your club lightly during your setup and focus on the square face of you club to your target line.
  9. Don’t rush to look up as you swing. Your focus is on your ball. Looking up early will cause you to top the ball and hit a grounder into a pond or bunker. Stay down and get your body through the shot as you rotate and lift your head and body to a balanced finish.


Let your eyes control your game.  See your ball during your swing. Practice with your GOLFSTR+ to learn to keep your leading arm straight or your leading wrist flat in your backswing and to create lag in your trailing arm. Your body should to be on AUTOPILOT so buy one today at www.golfstr.com



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