Learn Draw and Fade to Control YOUR Game

That’s right, knowing how to setup for a DRAW or a FADE will help you understand why your intended straight shots are NOT straight. A slight error in your setup can throw your ball deep into the rough (on the right or left of the fairway) if you don’t plan for some right to left or left to right motion in your flight path. You NEED TO PLAN for a slight draw or fade to make sure that you are controlling your shot?

First you need to understand what is causing your ball to draw or fade. [I found this on a PGA Swing Tip by Joe Plecker, Director of Instruction at Baltimore Country Club.   To access his video of draw and fade you will need to copy and paste the following URL in your browser:   http://www.pga.com/golf-instruction/instruction-feature/off-tee/how-draw-and-fade-video/?pga_cid=newsletter  .]

Draw Setup (when you tee up a drive):
-Place the ball slightly forward in your stance (lining up with your instep instead of your left heel when you are hitting your driver).
-For right handed golfers, shift the grip of your club back (pointing at your belly button) causing the toe of your club to point slightly left of your target line. [Make sure that you reset your hands to allow the club face to point slightly left.]
Tilt your shoulders to allow your trailing shoulder to drop lower than your leading shoulder.
NOTE: If you are swinging over the top with a consistent slice you may need to move your trailing foot back from the target line and learn to swing from the inside to out as you impact the ball.

Bubba Watson love to fade it.  He also hit a great draw to win the Masters.

Bubba Watson loves to fade it. We all remember the great draw shot that Bubba made to win the Masters.  He is the master of both draw & fade.

Fade Setup (when you tee up a drive):
-Place your ball slightly back in your stance (lining up behind the heel of your leading foot.
-Shift your club shaft forward and reset your grip on the club to allow the heel of your club face to move forward of the toe of your club face.
Weaken your grip by placing your trailing hand high on the club, with the V formed by your thumb and first finger, pointing at your belly button.


Practice both of these shots but make sure that you set up for a slight draw when you really want to hit it far down the fairway. An aggressive swing with the wrong setup will land your ball in the deep rough, OB or on the wrong fairway.

If you want to enjoy this game learn to control your swing and plan for a draw or fade.  Practice with GOLFSTR+ for every swing in your game:  www.golfstr.com


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