Lag-it and Tag-it !

Creating a swing with wrist lag is the ONLY way to create more power and distance. It looks so easy when we see the pros on TV.  Unfortunately our bodies are not naturally trained to create lag; hold lag at the start of our downswing and then release lag at the bottom of our swing.  It’s the only way to tag a long drive or iron shot.

Gene Parante from Golf Labs studies the swing impact on golf balls with different clubs. He recommends that every golfer should AVOID an outside-to-in (over the top) swing path. He found that the average player with a swing speed of 90 mph can increase their distance hit by 35 yards if you just get rid of your slice swing.

Try swinging your club with both your arms straight. You can’t generate any club head speed and will never hear the whoosh of your club head impacting the ball. You can almost double your club head speed by cocking your wrists at the top of your swing and releasing your wrists at the bottom of your swing.

There are 4 STEPS to learn how to create and execute a golf swing with LAG.
1/ Slow down your backswing by counting 1,2 in the back swing and 3 in the downswing.

Rory (like all pros) holds his lag for the first half of his downswing and releases at the bottom.

2/ On the count of 2 bend your trailing elbow toward your side as you cock your wrist to form a 90 degree bend between your club and your leading forearm. MAJOR PROBLEM: Cupping your wrist in your backswing will create your slice.  If you flatten your wrist (or bow your wrist), it will help you swing from the inside and up your target line. A straight leading arm with a flat leading wrist are the primary changes that we all have to make for direction control and consistent shots.

3/ Start your downswing by holding your lag as you pull down.

4/ Swing from the inside and up your target line as you whip the head of your club through the ball.

If you can’t hear the whoosh of your club as you hit your ball, you either need hearing aids or you are not getting enough lag and release as you whip you club through the impact zone.

Practice lag and release without hitting a ball to hear that whooshing sound as you skim the grass at the bottom of your swing. Feeling your 90 degree wrist lag position with GOLFSTR+ mounted on your upper arm will give you confidence to release with more power. Buy one today at

GOLF LAW #14:  It’s surprisingly easy to hole a 50-foot putt when you lie 8.


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