Knuckle Check for Distance?

Hank Haney did a video explaining that a golf swing with the fewest angles produces the best results.  He was highlighting the benefit of the flat wrist in the backswing to minimize curving the ball (both slicing and hooking). I just watched a video of Karen Nannen a PGA Pro by Golf Tips Magazine putting a new twist on this flat wrist swing.  She called it the “Knuckle Check”.

As you look down at the back of your leading hand at address, you should see 2 knuckles.  3/4 of the way back in your straight arm backswing you should also be able to see the same 2 knuckles.


>If you only see one knuckle, you are arching your wrist (like Dustin Johnson) and closing the club face.

>If you see more knuckles, you are bowing you wrist and opening the club face.

To ensure that you are swinging with a flat wrist, check for 2 knuckles at address and in the backswing.

Swinging with a flat wrist.  Check for 2 knuckles at address and in the backswing or feel your flat wrist with GOLFSTR+.

Your goal is to bring your club face back to square at impact.  Swinging from the inside to outside will still give you a nice draw without the hook.

Flat Wrist Backswing is only one of the 6 uses of GOLFSTR+.  It allows you to complete the “Knuckle Check” without looking at your hands in the backswing.  Fit curved end of the plastic plate to match the contour of the back of your hand when you grip the golf club. During your backswing you can feel your wrist cock sideways for lag as it slides across the plastic plate.  It just guides your wrist.

The Flat Wrist Backswing use of GOLFSTR+ is only meant to be a guide for this swing fix so that you can see the result of a few hits with the flat wrist backswing.  For this Swing Fix it is not intended for continuous use as it could irritate your wrist.  Now you don’t have to look back at your hands in the backswing to check for 2 knuckles.

This is only 1 of the 6 Swing Fixes which are listing in the GOLFSTR+ User Guide.  Check it out on our website at


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