Know Your Ideal Swing for Every Club

Last week we presented the 2 critical issues to help you Perfect Your Game: Mental Focus and Knowing Your Ideal Swing for Each of your Clubs. Mental Focus was covered last week and now we want to share your INDIVIDUAL SECRETS that creates distance and direction control for each club.

These SECRETS are unique for every golfer and every type of club. The weight and flexibility of each club from your driver down to your putter require a special setup and swing for each type of club. You should take lessons to sort out the proper techniques and then you should sort out the exact setup that works for your strength and flexibility.

If you can recognize a pro, just by watching their swing, you can understand why each pro and each golfer actually swings every type of club differently. That’s why you need to tailor your perfect swing for every type of club to your PHYSICAL AND MENTAL CAPABILITES.

I have finally sorted this out for my clubs and I’m starting to shoot just over par for 9 holes on the back nine of every round. I have studied what works for my swing on every type of club but my changing flexibility over 18 holes must be another variable for my swing.

Jim Furyk is a great example of a golfer who found a strange solution which allows him to shallow his downswing and create straight shots.

Study Your Ideal Setup and Swing for Every Type of Club
Start by taking lessons to add distance & consistency and to avoid slices & hooks. Each club and type of club has a unique weight, flexibility and function. You need to sort out what works for your body and your set of clubs. The following summary details my idiosyncrasies to help your get started. Make sure that you write down and refine the unique features that work for your game and your clubs.

Driver: I slow down the cadence of my backswing to give me time to add hip and shoulder rotation as I add wrist lag at the top of my swing. I also flatten my leading wrist which allows me to shallow my swing on the down swing so that I can power my drive up my target line.
Woods and Hybrids: These are lighter clubs than my driver and that seems to make my downswing pull about an inch closer to my body during my downswing. To avoid hitting off the toe of my club I setup with the center line of the face of each club about 1 inch beyond my ball. Spraying the face of my irons with foot powder allows me to proves that I now impact at dead center.
Irons: I tend to swing too fast with these lighter clubs, so I rarely give my body time to start transferring weight to my leading foot at the top of my swing. I now cheat my weight transfer by setting up with 60% of my weight on my leading foot. To avoid pull shots I change my target line slightly to compensate.
Putter: For putts over 10 feet I use a conventional grip and force my putter to swing directly up my target line. For putts between 4 to 10 feet I release my trailing hand at the point of impact to allow my leading arm to swing directly up my target line. For putts under 4 feet, to avoid the yips, I grip down on my putter so that about 4 inches of the grip rest against the inside of my forearm as I rock my shoulders to make my putt.

I still practice with GOLFSTR+ to remind myself to keep a straight leading arm and flat wrist during my different shots with different clubs. Buy one today at

Thought for the Day: If your opponent has trouble remembering whether he shot a six or a seven, he probably shot an eight.