It’s Your Finishing Pose that Makes the Shot !

I just returned from a tour through Europe and finished in Venice, Florence and Rome admiring an amazing number of statues. They reminded me of the importance of the finishing pose for every golf swing. It should be in balance and motionless like those statues. We all need to be aware of this critical ending for every swing and the reason why it’s so important.

If your ball has already been hit during a split second at the point of impact, why would any follow-through motion of the club have any effect on a ball that’s already piercing through the air?

1/ Power and Distance:
In order to generate more distance in every golf swing you need to maximize the club head speed at the point of impact. You can’t accomplish this if you are stopping your swing just after the point of impact. Your golf swing can’t be a chopping motion. Your club needs to continue its motion on a continuous swing plane through the ball for maximize power.

The bottom of your swing is only halfway through your swing plane. You need to accelerate to the ball and then use the follow through to decelerate as you shift all of your weight to your leading foot to enjoy your ball flight.

2/ Momentum:
The transfer of weight from your trailing foot to your leading foot allows your club to reach the lowest point of your swing in the center of your stance. The momentum of your club is pulling your arms forward. The only way to finish your swing in balance is to allow the momentum of your club to pull the weight of our body to a perfect pose on your leading foot.

Adam Scott usually finishes his swing in a perfect pose. He knows when his swing (and balance) is off and his ball heads for the trees.

If you let your body momentum take over you will have that “graceful” feeling that took over Adam Scott’s body at the 100th PGA Championship. On day 3, standing at number 76 in the world and just 2 shots behind Brooks Koepka he noticed how easy his golf swing suddenly felt. Ron Green Jr. reported in GlobalGolfPost: “Grace” was a word Scott used to describe the feeling, a perfect word for one of the most beautiful golf swings.

He must have lost that feeling on the 18th tee of day #4 when his shot landed in the rough on the next fairway. He bogied that hole and ended in third place. Guess he lost his graceful feeling.


 3/ Direction Control:
Watch any golfer who is falling back or sideways as they finish their swing and you will realize that their swing plane is choppy or out of control. Gradual acceleration from the top, release at the bottom and a balanced finish will always generate better direction control as you swing on your intended swing plane. Visualize the slow motion swings that are replayed on TV during any tournament and make sure that you use your follow through to complete your swing for better direction control.

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