Is your Practice Hurting Your Game?

I recently received 2 interesting articles about the impact of practicing with the best results. Your commitment to practice AND practicing the most effective way, will drop your scores. Of course you need to learn the correct swing and we recommend building muscle memory with GOLFSTR+ but you should learn the best METHOD to practice?

Solution for Jordan Spieth
Jordan Spieth was struggling during the first 2 of the 4 FedEx play-off tournaments. When he missed the cut on the first 2 rounds, we were all wondering if the pressure was finally getting to Jordan.  Over the past summer he had won 2 majors and 2 other tournaments so it looked like Jordan was Tiger Woods’ heir apparent. His play seemed to be unshakable. How could he miss the cut in those 2 important tournaments?

During the Tour Championship Tournament, PRACTICE gave Jordan the advantage. He was the first player to arrive at the course on Monday of the tournament week. His caddy commented that they warmed up for this tournament LIKE IT WAS ONE OF THE 4 MAJORS. On the final day, he arrived 3 hours before his tee time for what his caddy, Michael Greller, called the “early grind. His extra commitment to practice paid off, especially with his putter. He led the field with a total of over 400 feet of putts sunk and won the tournament and the FedEx Cup worth a total of $11,400,000.

If the number 1 player in golf puts a lot of effort into his practice to win $22 Million in tournament prize money, just think what a little more of the right practice will do for your game.

The Right Way to Practice

The Golf Science Lab is a blog which offers research findings for the game of golf. Check out

The Golf Science Lab is a blog which offers research findings for the game of golf. Check out

B. J. Hathaway, the head pro at Atlanta Golf Instruction (Click for his blog), made a recommendation based on a study on “Motor Learning” by professors from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, who offer their research findings (Click for their sound track).  In short they found that continuously changing your club or changing your planned shot, similar to the way you play on a golf course, is the best way to improve your game and retain swing solutions.

Pounding ball after ball with the same club is not challenging your mind. They found that you need to have a plan for your swing so that it will have a greater impact on your memory when you repeat the same shot on the golf course. Your mind will retain more and focus more if it is challenged to work-out a swing problem (like: how do I draw this ball and land about 200 yards).

Why not practice with GOLFSTR+, which gives you 6 swing solutions to build muscle memory for your game.  Buy one today on our website:


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