Is Your Bent Wrist Killing Your Game?

We are all looking for that mysterious thing that creeps into our swing and causes mishits. I have golfed for many years and run into something that throws my swing off at least 2 to 4 times a round. Fortunately I found the culprit: MY LEADING WRIST. Cupping my leading wrist in my backswing was causing a chopping action with crazy slices. How frustrating was that?

One of the six (6) GOLFSTR+ swing fixes allows you to test your flat wrist backswing. GOLFSTR+ actually prevents you from cupping your wrist at the top of the backswing. I know that this problem can exist but I did not know that it was creeping into MY swing when I want to hit crucial iron shots to hit the green. Knowing the problem is a good start but you have to find a solution to fool your brain into making flat wrist hits.

Solution to Avoid Cupping Your Wrist in the BackSwing

GOLFSTR+ Swing Fix #3 will prevent you from cupping your leading wrist in your backswing.

1/ Identify the problem by testing your swing with GOLFSTR+ to prevent cupping your wrist.

2/ Keeping your wrist flat or bowed in your backswing is easier said than done. You need to use a trick to overcome the problem. You also need to work this out at a driving range where you can waste shots to determine what works.

3/ Create a Bowed Wrist before you start your swing. Address the ball and bend you leading wrist back (to form a bowed shape) before you start your back swing. Make a limited back swing as you attempt to hold your wrist flat or in a bow shape. You will be amazed to see how easy it is to hit straight shots with a flat wrist backswing (but direction control may still be a problem).

4/ You will quickly see that a flat wrist will allow you to hit straighter shots but the pre-set bowed wrist may never let you control the direction of your hits. There are too many variables using a pre-set bowed wrist to allow you to control the direction of every hit.

5/ After you have hit many shots using a pre-set bowed wrist with your driver, woods and irons, you will love the benefit of a flat wrist swing and you will start to feel the change in your swing when you drop the pre-set bowed wrist and force a flat wrist swing from the inside and up your target line.

Knowing you have a swing problem and then finding a fix is a wonderful starting point. Remembering to keep your flat wrist backswing for every shot in your game is the difficult part until you develop a feel for it. That’s why we love this game. GOLFSTR+ helps you overcome 6 swing problems that you may not know that you have. Buy one today at


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