Is Energy Driving YOUR Success or Failure?

Because our golf swing is a circular motion, the difference between a perfectly directed shot and a totally errant shot is a split second of motion. It seems like a miracle that we can send a high percentage of our shots in the right direction. The face of your golf club is pointing in a different direction at every point in the arc of your swing until impact. So a slight change in our power or energy must impact your success?

Different levels of your energy will also change the trajectory of every swing that you make with a golf club.  So don’t wimp out!

I quickly realized the problem of energy in my golf swing as I played a round during my recovery from Bronchitis (not C0VID19). I know that I had low energy as I had not played golf in a few weeks and I was still feeling week from my recovery. I was hoping that my weakened body with less strength would improve my golf performance. I have noticed that when I play injured with a strained muscle that I tend to minimize my power and actually improve the consistency of my hits.

Unfortunately the opposite happened. My weakened body was consistently hitting my drives to the right.   I did not have the strength of consistency in my swing to impact my club directly up the target line. I was either too weak to rotate my wrists at impact or I was just leaving the face of my club open at impact.

Rory is the #1 golfer in the world because he commits to every shot with full power.

I know that my weakened state was not helping my game. It just reminded me that squaring the face of my club at the point of impact is the most critical point in the swing. You can’t do this if you are in a weak state. You can’t afford to tighten up your muscles as the wrist release will never happen.

Commit to the Shot:
Your total focus has to be on powering your club through your ball and directly up your target line. You have to be committed to the shot. You can’t depend on a lazy swing to pull off a crisp shot. You wrist release has to be loose and focused on a power release at the point of impact.

Bottom Line: Relax your body and commit to a power release directly through your ball at the point of impact. You know it’s right when you hear that whooshing release of your club head through the ball. And don’t forget to finish in balance. Practice with GOLFSTR+ to get your feel and sound right. Buy one today at

GOLF LAW #24: Don’t buy a putter until you’ve had a chance to throw it.


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