Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

GOLFSTR+ is a training aid that has been available for many years to help golfers practice to improve 6 swing problems. There are now over 6,000 users of GOLFSTR+ and we plan to keep growing this number. We would like to thank the many users for their suggestions to promote and expand the applications where this training aid can be used.

Websites like Golf-Info-Guide by Thomas Golf have helped us promote GOLFSTR+ when blogging about exercises to rotate your straight leading arm to improve your backswing for a more powerful swing.
Right way to keep the left arm straight:

Unfortunately, other companies have been stealing our graphics and removing our GOLFSTR logo to promote their products. There really is no other product which does what GOLFSTR+ does to help you correct 6 swing mistakes. Michael Breed, a former commentator on the Golf Channel, even called to say that “there is no other product that will give you 6 swing fixes and you can simply slide it in your pocket.”
If you see promotions using our graphics, please let us know. One of our early users tipped us off to a recent illegal use of our Octopus Golfer graphic on a Facebook and Instagram page which led to the removal and corrective action. We love to see others use our graphics as long as they help promote GOLFSTR+ as a unique brand provided by Innovation Unlimited Inc.

This graphic of the 6 Uses for GOLFSTR+ was designed and published in advertising to promote GOLFSTR+. We encourage anyone to use it as long as the brand name is not removed.

Thank you for your continued interest in GOLFSTR+. Buy one today at

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