How do the MASTERS Deal with Nerves?

You would think that Tiger could deal with first tee jitters on the first day of the Masters. Well he put his drive into the trees and had to create a  miracle shot to par the first hole.  On the 4th day the final paring of Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy also blew their first hole tee shots . If they have first tee jitters, how are we supposed to take control before every one of our shots? David Leadbetter came up with some pretty sensible ideas that I felt you should consider.

If you have been reading any of the recent GOLFSTR Swing Tips, you should know that your physical and mental preparation is critical for every round of golf.

Jason Day visualizes his shot as he relaxes his mind and body.

A. Getting to the driving range and practice green are extremely important to test out your swing thoughts  for each club and to get a feel for the speed of the greens.
B. Even more important is your ability to warm up your muscles for flexibility. You need a full range of motion before you make your first drive.


Confidence in your swing is only going to happen if you work on it. Know that your straight arm swing and balanced finish will produce the results that you want. But you need 3 keys to make every swing click:
1/ Relax your mind as you select the right club and recall how you have executed amazing results in the past. Focus on what went right for you so that you can make a Calm and Relaxed swing.
2/ Focus on deep breathing techniques in between shots and in your pre-shot routine. This makes your muscles contract and your nerves are instantly calmed.
3/ Maintain a light grip pressure throughout the round. Fear causes you to tense up your grip. David Leadbetter suggests that you should “Try to imagine tension and nerves leaving your body” as you loosen your grip pressure.

Build confidence for every swing in your game with GOLFSTR+. When you feel tension remember to focus on positive swing memories, breathe deeply and loosen your grip. Remember these 3 thoughts and improve the consistency of your swing by practicing with GOLFSTR+. Buy one today at



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