How Aging Golfers gain more POWER

Every golfer is aging. We all need tips to take advantage of methods to improve our game. Flexibility and strength are always changing as we age so we should be using every trick in the book to keep up with our rivals. Christo Garcia recently provided a great list of tips to improve any golfer’s game.

Lift your Leading Heel: As you age, you lose flexibility, so your ability to windup in your backswing gets shorter every year. One way to increase your rotation is to lift you leading heel in your backswing to give you a little more rotation for more swing distance and longer drivers. Jack Nicklaus did it throughout his career.

Shift Your Grip Back: Take your normal stance and then rotate both of your hands back on your grip. When you try this, shallow your downswing and swing with your trailing elbow closer to your side as you power your club up the slot for more distance and a nice draw.

Swing to Swoosh Your Club: If you can’t hear your club swoosh through impact, your swing is most likely too slow. Practice by holding the head end of any club and creating a swooshing sound as your wrists release your handle through the bottom of your swing. Now flip your club and create that sound by holding your grip properly.

Golf Tips Magazine used this double shot to illustrate where you need to generate your fastest speed (and swoosh)

Start your Downswing with Your Hips: Your downswing actually starts while your hips start to shift their weight forward during the transition at the top of your backswing. Let your weight shift to your leading hip as you rotate your shoulders then your arms and finally your wrist release. Unwind and deliver more power and distance.

Find Your Balance at the Top and at the Finish: Feel your rhythm to your BALANCED TRANSITION (as you say the words “1 annnd” then finish your downswing to a BALANCED FINISH (as you say the word “finish“). Or you may want to say “1 annd 2” or “Coca-Cola”. Whatever works for you. But make sure that you swing to a BALANCED FINISH.

Swing with A Straight Leading Arm: For a faster swing you need to maximize the distance of your swing by keeping your leading arm straight in your backswing and your downswing. Practice with GOLFSTR+. Buy one today at