Hinge Your Wrist to Generate Power

Many golfers limit the power of their swing by limiting the hinge of their wrist in the back-swing.  The takeaway and back-swing must include a straight leading arm, lagging elbow near the ribs and a flat hinged wrist to generate power in the swing.

If you are having a problem hinging your wrist in the back-swing, you may want to try what we see in Dustin Johnson’s takeaway.   As he starts his takeaway, he rotates his wrist to the right and hinges or cocks his wrist so that the club face is open (pointing vertical to the ground).  By the time that his leading arm is horizontal to the ground his shaft is already cocked at a 90 degree angle to his leading arm.  By doing this you don’t have to think about cocking the wrist at the top of the back swing.

I’m only suggesting that you try this to understand the ideal position at the top of your back-swing.  Straight arm, club face open and shaft is 90 degrees to the arm.  I’m not talking about a John Daly back-swing.   Just limit your back-swing to the point where you still keep a straight leading arm or where GOLFSTR  just starts to release off the back of your arm.  You will be amazed by the power and results.

In time you need to incorporate the cocking of the wrist into your swing as a smooth motion in your back swing.  The Dustin Johnson example is not for everyone as it can create other problems.

As an exercise for a beginner golfer using GOLFSTR, I encouraged her to open her club face and just rotate her club to 90 degrees before she started her back-swing [YouTube video].  This is an exaggeration of the Dustin Johnson takeaway but it will help you see how it helped her.



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