Golfer’s Demise: FEAR OF FAILURE

We all need to learn from our personal experiences. Even though we get better at golf during our practice at the range or during our round of golf we always hit that wall: The Fear of Failure. When that CRAZY MONSTER jumps on our back and puts fear in our mind, we lose our concentration. If you are ever going to minimize your failures we need to recognize that moment when FAILURE creeps into our mind and ATTACK IT WITH THE RIGHT SOLUTION.

List YOUR Moments of Failure
My game is now at the point where I can hit at least 5 good shots in a row at the range with any club in my bag. All I need to do is take that “Positive Mindset” to the course and enjoy my game. Unfortunately I know that My Mental Monster climbs on my back for each of the following:
1/ My First Tee Drive: I rush my backswing and take my eye off of the ball.
2/ On a difficult Shot from a Bad Lie: I focus on the lie not the SMOOTH RHYTHM of my shot.
3/ Nervous Putts are Always Short: I see the pros do this on TV as they reach their last 5 or 6 greens in their final round. Be confident and EXECUTE THE SHOT.
4/ Thinking that water and sand attracts my ball: Know that tension only shortens your muscles so relax your mind and body and select more club than you need to back off the power in your swing.

Golf Tips Magazine recommends that you “Own Your Focus”

Take Control of Your Mind
Recognize the moment when your focus wanders. It’s the critical time where you can take hold of your mind and throw corrections into your game. Know that you CAN TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND AND YOUR GAME.

1/ Know your list of problem shots where you need to click into your FOCUS MODE. (You need to focus on every shot but we are talking about your CRITICAL problem shots.)

2/ Don’t changing your swing speed. Changing the speed of your backswing just takes your body out of its normal rhythm and sequence for your hips, shoulders and arms. Keep your RHYTHM consistent for consistent hits.

3/ Use a FULL PRACTICE SWING to a balanced finish. Plan your swing for the draw or fade that you want. Execute that exact and complete swing during your practice swing. Use your time to feel your controlled swing, then step up to your ball, exhale and EXECUTE the same swing.

I snap my mind into FOCUS by saying the words “flat – in – pose” during my swing to help me keep my focus on the 3 CRITICAL steps in my swing: (1) “FLAT”: straight leading arm/ flat wrist, (2) “IN”: bend my trailing elbow in to create lag & swing from inside and up the line and (3) “POSE”: to finish in a balanced pose.

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GOLF LAW #20: Every Time a golfer makes a birdie, he must subsequently make a double or triple bogey to restore the fundamental equilibrium of the universe.

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