Golf Problems? Get Some Professional Help!

Whether you know it or not, every golfer has his own personal swing problems. You may have been given advise like “Keep your head down or Slow your swing down” but these tips are not helping. You need professional help to sort out the root cause which is preventing you from landing every drive in the fairway.

Your golfing buddies can only advise you on what they see but they most likely can’t give you the proper approach to solve your swing problems.

Key for Golf Success: Longer Drives
Hank Haney recently reminded us in a blog that longer drives are the key to success on every par 4 or par 5 hole. Longer, accurate drives help you shorten every hole. The only way to achieve longer drives is with faster head speeds at the point of impact with your ball. You don’t want to swing harder, but you do want to swing faster by releasing your wrists with whipping action through the ball.

Your success depends on your ability to generate club head speed in the direct line with your target. Swinging with a slicing or hooking action is minimizing your resulting power. They are just as bad as hitting a shot fat or thin. You need a professional PGA trainer using a LAUNCH MONITOR (or golf ball flight analyzer) to measure the rotation of your golf ball and then present the ideal swing changes for your ideal hits.

My personal driver swing defect was identified as a downward slicing swing path. My correction was made by flattening or bowing my leading wrist at the top of my backswing to shallow my swing path as I swing from the inside and up my target line. I’m an aging golfer and I now drive consistently over 200 yards (up to 250). I have virtually eliminated my 100-yard mishits.

Top Speed Golf provided this image to illustrate flat wrist (or bowed wrist) to shallow your swing path.

Of course, I have to relax my body and mind before I swing and keep my eyes on the ball through impact. My new power comes from taking a full backswing with lag and shallowing my downswing with more confidence to hit my ball off a higher tee from the inside . The elimination of any hook or slice action on my ball are critical for any golfers success.

Don’t waste more time driving yourself crazy with this game. Hire a pro to recommend the swing that will revolutionize your game and focus on hitting the sweat spot. Practice with your GOLFSTR+ for 6 swing fixes with a straight leading arm and controlled wrist movement for your new and improved swing. Buy one today at


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