GOLF Partners Club Endorsed GOLFSTR+

We are excited to announce that 100 members of the GOLF Partners Club tested and approved GOLFSTR+.   The Golf Partners Club is one of seven affiliate organizations with over 400,000 members participating in programs offered by the North American Media Group (NAMG Inc.).   77% of the participants testing GOLFSTR+  recommended it as a golf training aid that will lower your score.

To qualify for the test group, they had to golf at least 10 rounds a year.  They also agreed to the statement:  “I would buy a product if I thought I could drop 5 strokes off my score.” 

77% of the testers recommended GOLFSTR+ because they felt that it would lower their score.  They also ranked GOLFSTR+ in the following areas:

100 Golfers tested and evaluated GOLFSTR+ to confirm his Certifications.

100 Golfers tested and evaluated GOLFSTR+ to qualify this product for Certifications.

  • Convenience,
  • Effectiveness,
  • Comfort & Fit, Appearance,
  • Durability,
  • Rated Against Similar Products,
  • Ease of Use,
  • Design,
  • Quality
  • Performance.

This product is not perfect for everyone but the overwhelming test results qualified GOLFSTR+ for the Golf Partners Club: Seal of Approval.


We really learned a lot from comments provided by the testers in the following categories:

  • Best Feature,
  • Suggested Improvement, Main reason for recommending or not recommending the product
  • What did your family and friends think of this product
  • Comment about your experience with it.

The feedback from this test has encouraged us to improve the user instructions and to provide a more exciting promotion for the 6 uses.  Here are some of their comments:

-Thought that the product was revolutionary.   Overall experience was phenomenal.

-I have been trying to address my “chicken wing” swing for some time now.  This is the best product that I have found on the market!

-Thought it was a good looking teaching aid. Everyone wanted to use it.

-The product does what it’s meant to do.  On average I gained an extra 40-70 yards on my drives.  Can’t argue with the results.  The trainer does work and it works pretty good.

Training for Straight Arm in your Backswing is only 1 of 6 users for this amazing Training Aid

Training for Straight Arm in your Backswing is only 1 of 6 uses for this amazing Training Aid

-I shared this product with many family members and they all got one of their own.

-Honestly, my golfing buddies were not happy with this product. It took 5 strokes off of my usual game, and made it more competitive for them.

-I think it is perfectly designed for what it is designed to do.  I highly recommend this product for making my game better and more enjoyable.

-It is a very versatile product. Not only does it help keep your arm straight, but the other uses such as flat wrist for chipping and putting really helped to better my game

-Dramatically improved the scores for my son and his friends.   Truly a great product.  Improved my golf game tremendously.

-My friends laughed at me when I put it on at the driving range, but once I began hitting with better accuracy and all but eliminated my slice, they were asking for a go at it.  After about an hour, everyone was laughing, but that was because our swings were improving.

-Over all I liked this training aid, and the results were better than expected (took two strokes off my game in a week) I will continue to use this aid.

-Little uncomfortable at first, but it is to be expected since it takes you out of your comfort zone.

-During my first bucket of balls, I was hitting straighter than I have ever hit.  Within a few buckets of balls after using the product, I removed the Straight Arm Trainer and was hitting much straighter, adding 20+ yards to my drive.  I can’t wait to get back out on the course!

-My family liked it, and after letting them try it, they want to buy it!

-Simple yet highly effective!

-I would recommend this product because it helps correct bad habits. I grew up playing baseball so it is hard for me not to bend my elbow while swinging a golf club. Wearing the GOLFSTR helps remind me to keep my arm straight.  Has certainly helped me be more consistent with my golf swing.

-I really like the versatility of use in this product.

-My neighbor and I share a massive empty lot across from our houses and frequently hit balls into the field.  He was impressed enough to borrow it to help with his daughters swing.

-I found a lot of improvement in my short game swings. I was able to strike the ball much more accurately with the putter and had more direction control with my irons.

-I was skeptical about this product. There are so many golf aids that promise a better straighter further shot. However I found with this product that even though it didn’t keep your arm straight for you it definitely made you aware when you weren’t keeping your arm straight. I tried this on two rounds of golf. The second round I didn’t use the product but I found with every shot I was more aware of my arm being straight then I had ever been before. In my case I lost only one ball for an entire round, and even though I am still not ready for the pro tour, more than 90% of my shots were straight.   A huge improvement for me.   I was very pleased.

The comments are overwhelming.  I could enter about 300 more but I think you get the idea.  The results of this research have inspired us to re-launch GOLFSTR+ with an exciting new image showing a golfer in 6 swing positions with 6 different clubs and wearing GOLFSTR+ for each of the 6 USES.  This image may look like an Octopus golfing and should create attention for this unique Golf Training Aid.  Hoping it will go viral.

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