GOLF CONSISTENCY for Recreational Golfers

So you have been trying to increase your driving distance and consistency for your whole golfing life. How would you like to hit 10 perfect shots in a row with each of your club? Your golden golfing solution is about to be revealed. The good news is that you have known the answer for years but you rarely EXECUTE all 3 of the moves in the same swing.

It’s the reason why you make some perfect shots where your swing is effortless and your ball flies on the perfect path to your target. You only have to make 3 moves in every swing to create more power for more distance, direction control and consistency.

You always knew about these 3 moves but you may not have FOCUSED on making them happen in every swing. Just focus on making the moves happen. Setup with a proper grip and stance “uncomfortably closer to your ball” (as recommended by a scratch golfer). [It may only be 1 inch closer than your normal stance but only you will know the feeling.]

Check out Rory’s flat wrist and then his launch from inside and up his target line. PERFECTION

1/ Straight Arm & Flat Wrist: Take your club back in your backswing keeping your leading arm straight, your leading wrist flat and YOUR EYE ON THE BALL. [Limit your backswing at the point where your leading arm wants to bend as your straight leading arm controls the perfect distance to your ball.]

2/ Graze Your Rib-cage with your Trailing Elbow: Keep your trailing armpit closed during the start of your takeaway to force your shoulders and hips to rotate as your trailing arm passes your body. [That automatically setups you up to swing from the inside and up your target line as you impact your ball.] NOTE: Your driver is a longer club so your trailing arm is further from your body but you should still feel your trailing arm swing down and grazing your rib-cage as you release from the inside and up your target line.

3/ Bend Your Trailing Elbow to Cock Your FLAT Wrist: Bending your trailing elbow, naturally pulls your leading, flat-wristed hand back to create a 90 degree lag angle from your forearm to your club shaft. [Just bend your tailing arm and the lag setups automatically.]

The momentum of the transition at the top of your swing will naturally start the shift of your weight from your trailing foot to your leading foot. Pull your arms down and then whip your wrist from the inside and up your target line to release the power of your club.

Practice your swing at the driving range and take that feeling with you to the golf course. You will know when you have it right when your swing is effortless, impact feels like butter and you finish in balance as you watch your ball float directly at your target. Of course you should practice with your GOLFSTR+ to perfect both your flat wrist and straight arm swing. Buy one today at

GOLF LAW #23: A ball you can see in the rough from 50 yards away is not yours.


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