Golf: A Unique Opportunity for Perfection

Golf is a unique game. No other sport allows you the chance to make a practice swing using the weapon of your choice on the exact surface and grass condition where you are about to make your shot. You control your footing and you know the angle of the ground under your feet so why aren’t you taking advantage of this very special opportunity? You should be using your practice swing to achieve the perfect shot or putt. YES, WITH THE SAME SPEED, FOLLOW-THROUGH AND BALANCED-FINISH.

Often I see my golfing companions with a perfect, relaxed practice swing. Then they step up to the ball and panic. They forget to rotate their arms, shoulders and hips as they rush their arms to a minimal back swing. Then they rush their down-swing with their arms without shifting their weight to their forward foot. This sequence typically results in a topped ball and the golfer falling backwards. This is insanity.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.  Why not practice the right swing, hold that feeling and then duplicate it when you hit that little white ball?

Discovering the Benefit of the Practice Swing
Hitting out of a sand trap or hazard is the only area where you can’t ground your club and take a complete practice swing. This is a good example to help you understand why the practice swing is so important. That’s also why these shots are more difficult than any other shot in your game. You really should try to complete a full practice swing on the same up or down or side slope outside of the hazard before you attempt the shot.

User your practice swing to create a complete mental image of your perfect swing and just duplicate it when you hit your ball.

User your practice swing to create a complete mental image of your perfect swing and just duplicate it when you hit your ball.

Build Your Confidence before you Hit Your Ball
People panic when they step up to the ball. They see it as a crisis moment. They think, “Now what am I going to do with this shot”. WRONG THOUGHT! You need to use your practice swing to take the pressure out of your shot. You know what you want to do and where you want your ball to land so rehearse that shot before you stop forward to hit your ball with confidence.

Your practice swing has to be in the same cadence as your planned swing. You need to feel that wonderful feeling of a great practice swing before you take your actual swing. Perfect your swing before the actual swing. Get in a YOUR COMFORT ZONE before you hit the ball. Feel the tempo. Step forward and repeat that swing.

There should not be any difference in your practice swing and your actual swing at the ball. Duplicate it in order to get your body in a comfort zone. You may find it helpful to create a rhythm by repeating the same mental words in your practice swing as you say when you take your actual swing. To slow my cadence down I often use the mental words: “Straight Arm. . . Sweep in and Finish”

[NOTE: ”Straight Arm” is my last thought before I start my swing or during my waggle, “Sweep IN” during my slow backswing [to focus on an INside to outside release], “and” during my controlled transition, “finish” as I impact the ball and swing to a balanced finish.

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