Get All 4 Factors Right: BINGO

Wouldn’t you like to know what causes good shots and bad shots? I’ve been trying to figure this out for years and I have finally narrowed it down to 4 factors that make our golf swings click. I now realize that STRENGTH, SKILL, FLEXIBILITY and FOCUS are the critical factors for successful golf. If you miss one or more of them, your swing results will not be pretty. Ideally, to lower your scores, you need to get a grip on all 4 of these factors for every shot to control your game.

I realized this while watching Dustin Johnson in the WGC Dell Technologies Match Play Tournament. DJ is the World Leader on the Money Ranking List. He had also won that tournament last year. So why did he get blown away in the first 3 elimination matches? I don’t have any inside connections but I do know that he has the strength, skill and flexibility to make the shots to win every match. Something must have been distracting his FOCUS.

What Are the Critical Features in Each Factor?
STRENGTH: Strength can be caused by your developed muscles, your energy level, your hyper active reaction caused by the food you are eating or the amount of sleep you are getting. As it turns out, you need a balance of strength. Over strengthening your upper body may be destroying your lower body (the way that Tiger destroyed his back). Building up energy with too much sugar will also change the rhythm of your swing. Focus on balancing your strength each time you play 18 holes of golf.

SKILL: There are as many ways to swing a golf club as there are golfers. We really should try to emulate all of the best golfers but their best shots are consistently caused by the point of impact and direction of their follow-through. Jim Furyk has a lot different swing than Ernie Els but the result can be exactly the same. You have to learn the skill for the perfect impact and release. Repetitive practice with GOLFSTR+ can make all the difference.

FLEXIBILITY: If you want to have a consistent golf swing, you need to warm up your muscles and create the same rotation in your backswing and follow-through for every swing. Couch potatoes are not too flexible. The older you get the more you should be working out with yoga or basic stretch exercises. Sitting on a couch with a good book or watching TV is not doing the trick for you. Completing a full backswing with wrist lag is the only way to compensate for weaker muscles. All the girls on the LPGA circuit can do it and so can you. [Click here to watch a great video on developing flexibility for a straight arm backswing and check out the notes below about PRACTICING WITH GOLFSTR]

FOCUS: You need a sharp mind to plan every shot. The golf swing does not just happen naturally until you get into the “zone”. Your mind has to tune in to that feeling of the perfect cadence for every club and every distance that you know you can achieve. Sort out your success swing with each club at the practice range and keep that thought throughout your round. If you can’t keep your focus, use reminder word like “sweep in and up” (for your driver and irons) or “one, two” for your putts.

Decide on the factors that are messing up your scores. If you don’t make changes you will struggle with golf for the rest of your life. It’s a wonderful game when it all clicks and your scores start to drop. Practice with your GOLFSTR+ and make it happen. Buy one today at


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