Formula for Successful Golf

We all play golf for the challenge and the joy of personal success. Basically, you want to improve your game and lower your scores. But you will only improve to the 90’s or 80’s or 70’s by recognizing what’s holding you back. Knowing the following 4 critical areas will help you focus and improve your game.

1/ Consistency: Practice with the proper swing with a controlled tempo for a perfect clean hit on every swing that you make. GOLFSTR+ is a great swing trainer for 6 swing fixes.
2/ Putting: Almost half of your strokes in every round of golf are with your putter so practicing your putting skills should be a priority. GOLFSTR+ is ideal to hold your leading wrist flat.
3/ Balls Flight Control: No matter what club you are using you need to learn why your ball is moving to the right or left of your target. Consistent control of your ball flight is critical.
4/ Precise Approach Shots: Choosing the right club, the right swing for shape & direction and the right speed to land and roll your ball close to the hole. Memorize each club distance.

Brooks Koepka won back-to-back US Opens using his extreme skill to draw and fade his shots.  He planned the best outcome for every shot and you should too.

You can read tips to improve your swing. You should also take lessons and practice to achieve #1 and #2. Today, let’s focus on Ball Flight Control (#3) because every ball you hit can move left or right. Understanding why it’s moving left or right will help you take the right steps to control your ball flight and swing.

YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SURPRISED EVERY TIME YOUR BALL DECIDES TO DRAW OR FADE.  It’s difficult to consistently create a straight golf shot without a draw or fade (or the worse extremes of hook or slice).  Because your golf club swings in an arc, it’s difficult to create a straight shot. If the swing path or the club face direction is not lined up exactly with your target line at the point of impact, you will create a different direction and or curve for every shot.

Basic Setup: Make sure that your shoulders, waist and toes line up parallel to your target line. [You may want to flair your leading foot after you setup on your target line to help finish your swing to a balanced pose.]

Assuming you are using Right Handed clubs:
Draw Shot: Choose a target line slightly to the right of your chosen landing area. Place your ball an inch behind your normal setup position and close your club face to point at your chosen landing area. [Make sure that you adjust your grip so that your club face is resting on the ground and your wrists are relaxed and not manipulating the club rotating].

Fade Shot: Choose a target line slightly to the left of your chosen landing area. Place your ball an inch in front of your normal setup position and open your club face to point at the landing area. Your ball will launch on your swing path line and then fade to the right.

Plan for a FADE or a DRAW to avoid surprises for every shot that you make (especially when you are hitting in a cross wind). It’s not easy to learn the fade or draw so you should practice with GOLFSTR+ to learn these shots. Buy one today at


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