Fixes to Sink More Putts

Why not soup-up your game with fixes for your existing putter? You chose your putter for your own personal reasons about the feel and the ease of sinking more putts. Unfortunately, your game change over time and some of those 3 putt holes start to creep in. That puts doubt in your mind and that never helps your game. Why not try a few easy fixes with your existing putter?

I recently discovered a few ideas about changing my putting game and hope that these concepts will help you too.

Adding Weight and Momentum
My first improvement came when I tried hitting with a friend’s tennis racquet (yes, in a tennis match). We both had the same racquet model but the head weight on his racquet was a bit heavier than mine. From my fist hit, I realized that the perimeter weighting was adding momentum to my swing. Hitting balls seemed effortless.

That made me recall a practice swing with a friend’s heavier weighted putter. I love my White Hot Odyssey putter but realized that I should try it out with some extra weight. I bought some lead tape at my local golf retailer and used it to tape on an extra weight to the top center of my putter head. [BTW Tiger Woods always adds lead tape to his putter for The OPEN to manage longer putts on the oversized British greens.] I now realize that the extra weight adds momentum which makes it easier to limit shaking hands and swing directly up my putting line. The feel is different and takes a little practice, but I love the ease of making this simple change to my existing putter to improve my game. It’s WORKING!

Change Your Putting Grip Style
Why not try different ways to grip your putter. It doesn’t cost anything. There is a trend for professional golfers to grip their putter handle with the lead hand low (instead of the traditional trailing hand low as we do for all other clubs.)

Brooke Henderson was in a slump and realized that missed putts were hurting her game. By gripping her putter with her leading hand below her trailing hand she removed the dominant force from her trailing hand and FOUND IT EASIER TO pull her putter with her leading arm STRAIGHT up her putting line. This change certainly helped her win the ShopRite LPGA Classic and her second Major, the Amundi Evian Championship. It may help you too.

Brooke Henderson is winning again with a lead hand low putting grip. It gives her better direction CONTROL up her target line.

Any change to your putting stroke will require practice before you determine if the change is a benefit. Make sure that you also practice with GOLFSTR+ to keep your leading wrist straight. You should always putt by rocking your shoulders, not by bending your wrists. Buy one today at

Thought for the Day: If profanity had any influence on the flight of a ball, most everyone would play better.


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