Find Your Rhythm to Kill Your Early Release

I have played this game for over 50 years and love the challenge. I only break 80 once in a while so I’m always looking for ways to keep a consistent swing for every club in my bag. One of our blog followers asked if GOLFSTR+ could help him overcome EARLY RELEASE. My response reminded me how important your practice with training aids can be.

Swing rhythm and weight shift from your trailing foot to your leading foot during your transition can help you avoid YOUR EARLY RELEASE. Unfortunately the changing weight of each club and the mental pressure from your last shot often have an impact on your next shot.

Practicing with GOLFSTR+ will remind you to keep your leading arm straight. Your leading arm should stay straight in both your back-swing and your down-swing. That’s a good starting point to stop your early release. Following are 2 of the 6 training aid uses for GOLFSTR+

1/ Straight Arm Trainer
a. Feel it touching the back of your leading arm as you pull down to start your down swing.
b. That’s your mental reminder to prevent your EARLY RELEASE as you shift your weight to your leading foot.

2/ Lag Trainer
a. The pressure on your trailing forearm is the reminder to start your transition.
b. The rotation of your leading hip starts your weight shift.
c. Holding your cocked wrist as you start your down-swing stops your EARLY RELEASE.

A recent blog by Danny Maude gives us another great description on how to avoid EARLY RELEASE and generate more power:
a. Store It: Rotate your hips and shoulders as you cock your wrists to store energy.
b. Keep It: Load your weight from your trailing foot to your leading foot.
c. Release It: Start your down swing with your leading hip, shoulders and then arms. Release your wrists last to generate a wooosh at the bottom.

d. Say “One Hundred and One” to add rhythm to your swing.

When you release at the bottom of your swing you will definitely hear a WOOOSHing noise. GOLFSTR+ just gives a reminder to help you delay your release. The woooshing noise is just the proof that you got it right. Practice to get the sound and that feeling for the right release. Buy one today at

Don’t be too serious about your game. Loosen up!
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