Find the Right Positions and the Swing Happens

I wish it was as easy as the title states!  I recently saw a blog by Rotary Swing that gave me a new perspective on the golf swing.  Hitting thousands of balls will never fix your swing if you don’t relax and incorporate the 4 key moves for a consistent, powerful swing. It’s as simple as Shoulder, Lag, Bump and Release. If you can’t learn these motions, it’s difficult to create a consistent, powerful golf swing.

The Haney Project was a TV series on the Golf Channel with many celebrities like Ray Romano, Charles Barkley and Rush Limbaugh. Hank Haney created some success with each individual by repetition and hitting 1000’s of golf balls. He worked on their swing path but never gave them the power and consistency that they were all hoping to find. The Rotary Swing Blog said that this series only highlighted the weakness of repetition when you are not focused on key body movements to create the right swing plane.

Create a Successful Swing
The simplified version of the golf swing is completed in 4 steps:
1/ takeaway with a shoulder rotation;
2/ pull your straight leading arm up with your bent trailing arm to create lag,
3/ weight transfer at the top with a hip bump during the transition and
4/ a whipping, wrist release at impact.

Upper body leads the takeaway and the lower body starts the down swing. Your hands are the last to release. For power and consistency you need to generate these 4 motions during your swing. Hideki Matsuyama has developed a “mechanical” swing that works.  The key to his swing is finding the right lag position and hip bump at the top.  This slow motion video shows it all.

To be a good golfer, you don’t have to look like you have the perfect swing. Last weekend when Hideki won the WGC Bridgestone Invitational against the 50 best golfers in the world, he proved that you can create a position at the top of your swing. He actually stops the motion of his swing at the top of his swing with a straight leading arm and wrist lag as he shifts his weight to his leading leg. He finds that  position and then pulls the trigger with amazing results.

Consider creating a great position at the top of your swing before you pull down and release. Practice with your GOLFSTR+ to learn all 4 of your key motions for consistency in your swing. Buy one today at



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